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In 1992, Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson founded Technology Associates. In 1994, their partnership incorporated under the name of Technology Associates, Inc. Between 1993 and 2000, Technology Associates successfully operated a small chain of computer stores in the Reno/Sparks area which sold and serviced computers.
Technology Associates was also one of the founding investors in Great Basin Internet Services (GBIS), Northern Nevada's Largest Independent internet service provider. In 1998, TA divested itself of GBIS. In 2000, TA divested itself of it's retail stores to pursue manufacturing of the EternaLight flashlight and other related and unrelated products developed by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson. In 2007, the organization formerly known as Technology Associates, Inc., founded by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson in 1992 ceased to exist.

This site is still a functioning sales platform for the EternaLight products manufactured and sold by EternaLights, LLC. However, the remainder of the site remains as it was in it's finality before the closing of Technology Associates, Inc.

Today Mr. Bryson is privately employed as a Software Engineer. Mr. Hoops is privately employed in a manufacturing company as it's CTO. After working together since 1990, through their various projects and partnerships, Mr. Hoops and Mr. Bryson are still best friends and continue to explore new opportunities together.


Tom's rants from 4th Quarter 1999
  • 12/20/99 - "I'll see you on the other side..."
    RE:Y2K approaching.
    This has been a busy week for me. What with that last minute shopping - you know - pokemon, jewelry, 50 gallon gas containers, 100 gallon water jugs, grenades, rocket launchers, 2 chickens, 2 cattle, 2 dear, 2 elephants, 2 monkeys, 2 Klintons... Ah well, you can't save all the good without saving some of the bad. So, what am I expecting? I must say, that I've seen a lot of our civil servants willing to stick their necks out and "look silly", if nothing happens. I applaud them. In my opinion, many groups are preparing for a bad situation without casting aside all reason and that is a good sign. As I've said now for several years, left to itself, the computer and technical problems could be solved or worked around quickly - within a week or two. But, the public response is my big concern. Hording, plotting, people taking advantage of Y2K breakdowns as excuses to not finish jobs or pay bills. Frustrated groups who plan to use violence to express their messages and Y2K as the time to do it. These are the things I fear the most (see rants 10/17 and 8/22).

    As far as the reality of the technical problems, consider this: Had I not made the Y2K fix to our business control system software at the beginning of the month, our bank registers would not have balanced (we wouldn't have known how much money we had), our inventory reordering would not have worked, our A/R reports would be wrong (we wouldn't have known how much money people owed us) and probably a half dozen other things I can't think of right now. This little bug was serious enough to destroy the operations of our business. We're more fortunate than most businesses in that not only do we possess the complete source code to our business control system but we also possess the expertise to add to, fix or change it. This is pretty unique for a business as small as ours. But, imagine the tens of thousands of companies out there that are between 1 to 100 employees in size. Most of these companies are depending on third-party software makers and consultants to help them. Also, the hardware is a factor in this problem too. Our hardware had to be dealt with as well as our software and throwing big money at the problem isn't always the solution. Again, a lot of these businesses are going to make the wrong decisions or get the wrong advice about how to completely handle this problem. Now, if Microsoft can't fix things right the first time, with their huge staff and budget, what are the chances that all these little businesses are going to pass through without harm? One thing is for sure, it will be less than 100%. Such would not have such an impact but this problem is synchronized and so even a little mishap is magnified by the shear number who will experience problems within roughly the same day. In the last thirty years or so, we've become a highly integrated society. Rarely now does something affect one business without that business affecting another. So, I think we need to wear our seat belts on this one and expect a scary ride, but I don't think the roller coaster is going to jump off the track. Now, April 15th of 2000, that should be "verwy, verwy intowesting" :)

  • 12/12/99 - Where's Monica when the Chechen's need her?
    RE:Russia's Chechen campaign.
    Sorry it's been so long since my last rant - what with the end of the world coming and everything, I've been busy. Anyhow, thank the powers that be! If the Klinton administration were going through a high profile scandal right now, you can bet a dollar to a dognut that our troops would be precariously close to sticking their noses into the bears cave about now.

    Aaaand, maybe I'm all wrong here although it just seems like banter to backup his last action. Maybe the lacy legacy president is planning on some nuclear fireworks to celebrate the millennium? But oh, if it weren't for that cigar, and that dress! The Serbs would have finished their mission, barely noticed by the American media. Wag the dog? Maybe, I think more like "dupe the dumb". Nobody can prove it but I knew it long before I ever saw the movie. This guy has no scruples. But... he does have screwpoles. Ride'm Billy oh ya... whooz yer dadday?

  • 11/30/99 - World Tariff Order held sleepless in Seatle!
    RE:WTO conference and protestors violence
    GAWD! How refreshing! It's so nice to see some people finally angry enough about something of political involvement and of global consequence to actually make a stink. Maybe there is still some fight left in the old American slug. I hope the slugs don't give away all their rights and guns before the fight gets serious. Do I like the WTO? No, it is yet another opportunity for consolidation of power and that ultimately means another corruptible force with too much power. Unfortunately those who are protesting need to be more clever and grass roots about how they protest. After all, we've given the government SO MUCH power and might over the US citizen, do you really think anything violent will have a successful outcome? Do you really think the corrupted mainstream press will ever tell a story of martyrdom about those who get bloodied for their beliefs? NOT! Be smart people. Use the internet, collect your numbers, exploit the inefficiencies of the system and clog it up with volume and annoyances. Force our legislators to bring more power back to the local governments - then you'll have more power and you may win.

    The one thing the creators left out of the constitution was the creation of a "anti-legislature". This purpose of this fictitious branch of the government would be to continually remove and repeal junk, constricting and corrupted laws which the legislative branch passed! Oh well, I can dream...

  • 11/23/99 - If it walks like a Bully and it talks like a Bully...
    RE:Class actions suits filed against Microsoft.
    I hate to keep ranting about Microsoft but it is a big deal! MUCH bigger than EGYPT AIR I might add. Today's latest dogpile law suit effect is based on the fact that, whether you give a rats ass that Microsoft has become a monopoly, there are public responsibilities that go with being a monopoly. Not least of which is too not overcharge your poor customers. Normally, I think any company should be able to charge whatever they want, unless, ofcourse they have a monopoly. Imagine if power companies could charge whatever they felt like. Do you think they wouldn't take advantage of that "power" now and then? It's kind of like a government that could pass laws and raise taxes whenever it felt like it... ahhhuhu, wait a minute... Oh, we already have that too. Or, I mean, a government that didn't allow you to sue it for its unaccountability - oops - uh, we already have that too. Ok, or a government that took away all your guns so you couldn't even fight back - hmmmmm... This originally started out about Microsoft and monopolies, I guess I needed a release!

  • 11/13/99 - Windows 2000 steps on scale, scale EXPLODES!
    RE:Coming release of Microsoft Windows 2000.
    That's right, FATWARE 2000 is so big it can't get out of its own way. Weighing in at a hefty 29 MILLION, yes, that was MILLION, lines of code (December Wired Magazine) Windows 2000 could very well be the largest waste of computing resources ever conceived! That's something like three lines of code for every transistor in Intel's gargantuan Pentium III processors. However, Microsoft should get Kudos for its lack of consideration to the consumer all these years. If it didn't take so much CPU horsepower and hard drive space just to keep a pulse going in their operating systems, there probably wouldn't have been quite the explosion in computing hardware power that has occurred in the last four years.

    Even Jim Allchin of Microsoft (the W2K project leader) admits that W2K is grossly inefficient and infested with bugs, mostly due to this inefficiency. As Microsoft wrenches it hands in the DOJ antitrust case, the obvious guilt of their tactics is becoming painfully apparent to the users of their operating systems. Simply put, the most consistent and unbeatable aggression Microsoft plays against its competitors is to make the feature, function or entire program of a product they "eye", part of their operating system. This has over the years helped to produced an operating system which is catholically obese.

    In a simpler age, the operating system was just a "loader". It loaded programs and executed them. Later, it was expanded to manage the execution of programs and manage files. Microsoft has endlessly appended to that definition to become the "Grand Unified Do Everything" computer program.

    I know, I'm old fashioned. I still like to see screws, plates, nuts & bolts, it may not be smooth and pretty, but you can fix it and fix it right. Nowadays, the hood is hermetically sealed and the engine is potted! It may run longer with fewer problems, but once the problems begin, keeping it running for a long time is not an option.

    In conclusion, I introduce my "BIG TARGET THEORY" which I wrote right when Window's 95 first arrived. Here it is:

    There are many things which can take your system out. Viruses, bad hard drive sectors or failing hardware, corrupted cache writes, errant programs, power failed writes, EMI, static, etc. So, think of your Operating system as a target for these types of events. The bigger the target, the better chance it stands of getting hit. Unfortunately when you're talking about an OS, regardless of the size, it only takes one hit (bad bit) to make ruins of your system. While hardware reliability has improved somewhat, the improvement has not kept pace with rate of increase in size of Microsoft's OSs. Introducing.... FATWARE 95! Now with more dll's, larger kernel and more setup files than anything ever before! Window's 95 is competitively sized with HUGE applications - for your added convenience! Never mind that your HUGE application gets hit and doesn't run. With Window's 95, the odds are split that OS will take the hit and "yer whole daymn campewter won't ruhn"!

    I hope you've enjoyed this rant, it is one of my favorite things to bitch about:) - LINUX RULES!

  • 11/7/99 - Microsoft found guilty of being Microsoft...
    RE:Recent court ruling on Microsoft antitrust case
    If you know me, you already know how I feel about this. But, let me be terse: Microsoft has monopoly powers and has used them. In using them, it has destroyed or limited otherwise viable or expansive companies and thus has stifled competition and creativity. And, if I were running Microsoft, I probably would have done the same thing!

    Nobody whose goal it is to build a company has a competition friendly plan. So, the question is, at what point should your success become public domain? Because, that's the only way to truly level the playing field that a successful company has ruled in the past. Now, for all the people who think Microsoft deserves to be the monopoly it has become because they build "great products" for great prices, let me say this: most people who like microsoft products have not tried other products, especially when the market was fairer to Microsoft's competition. These people just love what computers can do and Microsoft is mostly the only thing they know. That is not to say that Microsoft doesn't have good products. They do have some fine products. However, many of their products "features" and "innovations" were not Microsoft's and came from their competitors who they have long since been crushed one way or another.

    What is the problem? The problem is that Microsoft controls, and to their advantage, the ingredient that programs need to economically run - the operating system (nowadays know as WindowsXX). So, Microsoft can easily make their competition look bad by adding secret features that the competition doesn't know about or handling their own bugs that competition doesn't know about or by changing their products way in advance of planned changes to their operating system way before their competition can react. Is it fair? No, but it is business. The problem is that like power, food and other public necessities, some things shouldn't be allowed to be so monopolized. This is why LINUX (the free and public operating system) is gaining such strength so rapidly. The few left standing competitors of Microsoft now realize that the best protection is to move to an operating system which nobody owns and nobody can own, namely, LINUX. I think the only fair way out for Microsoft and the industry, if Microsoft is to remain the standard for operating systems, is to force Microsoft to make the operating system source code public.

  • 11/2/99 - Your odds of dieing in a plane crash just... remain the same!
    RE: EgyptAir Flight 990 (Boeing 767) crash.
    It never ceases to amaze me how the whole world (ok, the US news media) stops whenever a plane crashes. Alright, it's terrible, and a tragedy, no doubt! But, G's (a little flight humor)! Get over it! It's not like the warranty clock ticked out on all Boeing aircraft and now their all going to fall out the sky with you aboard. These things happen. They will continue to happen. It doesn't matter how many more FAA regulations which jack up the price of air travel go into place, it doesn't matter if the manufacturer is sued and forced to lay people off while trying to recall its parts or planes! If we see a few more Boeing 767's fall out of the sky soon, maybe something should be looked into. But for now, identify the dead, research the cause and call it a day already! There are more important things going on right now in our legislature and with the corrupter in chief. Let's swing the camera around and look at that!

  • 10/28/99 - California "SKS" GUN CONTROL is a pot shot at the 2nd amendment!
    RE:CA state's SKS rifle buyback/confiscation program Jan 1st, 2000.
    Woe to those who own SKS rifles and California told you were legal to possess. If you don't participate in their "buyback" (confiscation) program and relinquish your SKS before Jan 1st, 2000, just call yourself a felon. And, since you will be a felon and possess an assault rifle... hey, what the heck, you've got nothing to lose by using it now right? It reeks of conspiracy but if you dig deep into the "reasons" why this law was passed and why it is targeting SKS rifles specifically, you'll actually find a more comforting reason. This law was past after a snafu in the General Assault rifle ban California passed prior to this program. So, while it may appear as an innocent corollary to an otherwise acidic law past before it, it does allow those who would like to see this type of program used on much broader basis a glimpse of how well it will be swallowed.

    As for me, I don't swallow.

  • 10/20/99 - Cellphone + Head = TUMOR?
    RE:20/20 report on cellphone use and adverse health effects
    OK, and the tobacco industry thought they had it hard... At least they got away with it for 30 years! Well, before I express my political take on this, let me whip out my engineering card for a moment and evaluate the data I was presented.
    • Number one, it HAS been scientifically proven (years ago) that sufficient microwave energy can damage organic and thus genetic material.
    • Number two, it HAS been scientifically proven that damaged DNA can cause cancerous tumors.
    So, in my mind, these are the questions which need to be answered:
    • Is the energy which a cell phone produces "sufficient" to cause organic damage?
    • Is the frequency of the energy which a cell phone produces considered biologically effective microwave energy?
    • If the first two questions are true, what kind of exposure density is required to produce a measurable effect of biological impact above the baseline error level?
    All things being equal, we must consider the technology primarily in use today. Now, in evaluating the test 20/20 sponsored, I immediately suspected that the worst results would come from older technology and improper use of it. BINGO! I was right. Their test evaluated phones in their "analog" mode which is an older and higher energy technology. Second, their worse result was produced by a phone when the antenna was retracted - an improper use. Regarding the frequency of the energy, most cell phones still operate at a frequency which is on the lower end of the microwave spectrum. This lower end has a lesser impact on organic matter than similar energies of higher frequencies. So, what am I saying? I'm saying that unless your phone is older, you're too lazy to raise the antenna and, you'd function better if it was glued to your head, you're probably at very low risk. And, in life, "low risk" is the best you get (see rant 9/16)!

    However, I must say that since the early 70's, the ambient level of radio and microwave radiation in an urban area has risen dramatically and the cumulative effects of this maybe something to inspect.

    Now for my political ranting... You know exactly where this is headed don't you? DOW Corning never had scientific evidence proving they were liable for cancer from their breast implants. Yet, crucified they were. Witch hunts never go away, they just change the face of the witch. And this dovetails nicely into my rant from 10/11 below!

  • 10/17/99 - DOW < 10K = Y > 2K
    RE:Recent dramatic decline in DOW.
    I'm uncomfortable making predictions but here it goes: Things are going to suck. And, it may have little to do with Y2K. And, it may only be symptomatic that the DOW will fall below 10K. But what it may really be is something more like trying to convince yourself that you feel warm when your standing naked somewhere in a polar region. You feel some warmth, but don't worry, that feeling WILL go away. Most of my ranting up to this time all points in this direction and that is that we've enjoyed floating in a bubble and now it's about to pop.

    When you have control over the media like the liberals (Clintons) do, you can continually tell people things are great and they'll believe it until they die of hunger. Bill Clinton was the wrong man at the right time to take credit for the economy and not take the responsibility and duty of protecting its bounty for the generations to come (see rant 9/23). Now we have several generations who think that roofs, jobs and cars are entitlements, food is free, home is a place to trash and life is about what you can thrash. And, those with compassion and children are willing to sell their freedom to the monster in return for a gush of restricting but "comforting laws".

    Well, the "reality bites" generations are about to get an overdose of reality. And, thanks to the planning, foresight, self control, diligence and honesty of Clinton administration and all their cattle, a lot of people will go into reality shock! But, don't worry - be happy!

  • 10/11/99 - AMERICA - the only country with a SUE-AGE system that creates more SHIT than it removes!"
    RE:Colt, stopping its manufacture of certain civilian hand guns.
    Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the greed and insanity of the attack on the tobacco industry started to infect other more productive industries. And, it didn't take much time at all. I guess that should come as no surprise. After all, what spreads faster than a new deadly, hot virus in America? Answer: new legal precedents which rip money right out the hands of hardworking industrial companies and place it in the hands of attorneys who are working hard to make everyone else work harder. Oh, and lets not forget the few drops which fall to their clients just to make everyone FEEL better. We've seen our great industries all but vanish in the last 30 years. And now, thanks to attorneys who either have no sense or no scruples or neither, and justices and juries who want to fix problems so desperately that they would burn the constitution if it made the courtroom just a little warmer, we are left staring down the barrel of a gun, which COLT did NOT build, but most certainly will blow away the last shreds of what built America.

    Paranoia (FUD is the Microsoft version) is the tool of choice used by the malignant parts of our legal system to spur short sighted, frame based decisions and legislation which is slowly but surely confining us all. I can't understand how the people involved in the lawsuits against Colt can, in their conscience, justify such an abstract assignment of guilt.

    Truth: "Guns don't kill people. Bullets do." If colt is liable for the wrongful deaths, why not sue the bullet makers who made or reloaded the rounds that actually struck the victims? Another truth: Guns don't aim themselves and pull their triggers, people do, or well trained monkeys. Why not sue the idiots who actually committed the crimes? Oh, they don't have any money, I, I, mean they're dead.

    So their you have it America! Welcome to the New Justice 2000 paradigm:If you have money, you're guilty. And, if you're guilty but you have money, you're innocent! OJ anyone? For more of my Gun ramblings, see Rant 9/16.

  • 10/9/99 - 5'5" hard training landscaper out boxes rusty 5'2" jockey!
    RE:Oct 9, MacGregor vs. Chow battle of the sexes boxing match
    What can I say? Despite the fact that remembering the word chivalry and thinking about this event at the same time makes me want to walk around naked with a sign that says "If god created us equal, then how come we're different?" Just to make things "EQUAL" in this battle of the sexes boxing match, they had to use a 5'2" jockey who's boxing skills were rusty against a 5'5" woman, at least 10lbs more weight, who had been training hard and was in the middle of her boxing career. Duh, guess who won. I guess I'm old fashioned, but I prefer my woman's nose powdered, not broken.

  • 10/8/99 - Whiners alert!!!
    RE:Rapid price increases coming in electronics
    I hate to doom & gloom so close to the end of the world but.... I'm afraid the lazy and fragile US consumer is in for a few heart attacks. Lead times of electronic components are going up dramatically and it is spreading among component types you wouldn't normally suspect - like tantalum capacitors! Various factors are to blame for each instance (availability of raw materials, cost reductions, high demand, factory refittings, earth quakes, y2k net term reductions...) but the net result is cumulative and is becoming pervasive. What does this all mean? It means that we could experience a dramatic price increase on nearly all types of electronic devices shortly and thus drive inflation up wildly. The sheltered US consumer has gotten so use to 3rd world economics applied to 1st world technology that most people will likely snub their nose at higher priced products assuming that the price will come down shortly rather than pay the increased price.

    A prime example of this is the change in RAM prices lately. Technology Associates just about 2 months ago was selling 128MB SDRAM for just $95 at standard margin. Today it is forced to sell the same 128MB SDRAM for $290 at just $10 over cost! We can't afford to sell all computer components at just $10 over cost. But, at this time, RAM is so disproportionately priced that we have no choice. However, we are seeing the effects of the electronics cost and shortage quickly manifested in pricing and availability of major computer components now! Even sound cards and modems are increasingly harder to find and costs are going up! Will they come down soon? My prediction would be "yes" under normal circumstances, but I don't consider the coming of Y2K, change in presidential corrupter... I, I mean leadership, dynamic weather patterns, explosion of the internet, explosion of US prisons, depletion of US based production, senseless stock market values, accelerated loss of constitutional rights, postal rage, retroactive tax policies, expanded policing policies or confusing 5 pounds of uranium with 35 pounds, a normal circumstance.

Click here for my 3rd Quarter 1999 rants.
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