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Subject: Col. David Crockett & the U.S. Constitution Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:39:47 -0400 From: Greg Boyle To: Sir; I am a 54 year old Canadian and for most of my adult life have watched in muted (our political process is flawed in that a party with as little as 10% of the popular vote can form the Government and pass laws by Order in Council that don't even reach the floor of the House of Commons for debate) despair as party after party fed at the trough and spent us into poverty (over 25% of Government revenues go just to pay the INTEREST! on the national debt) so much so that our debt decides for our Government what its policies must be. I wish you Americans better luck than we have had but I am pessimistic. Greg Boyle Port Colborne, Ont.
Subject: these times
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 21:52:54 -0800
From: Walter Degroot
I am 62 1/2 so might be condidered by some as an "old timer" I don't feel that way and Ihope i don't think that way. I see that a leveling process is going on in the usa. when one does a little better he or she is taxed out of existance. when you are broke, really broke you get free medical care and some "unto the third generation" i hope that is really stopping!! i know what it is to earn almost $50,000/year and still drive a 28 year old car! to be tax poor. I know what it is to be broke and with bills and be unable to work, even work a can opener or drive (after my heart operation) since I was really broke (except for owning a mortgaged house) I was helped -- and I appreciate that. I guess that it was either that or die! I guess that would beat them out of the debts! anyway, I type slow so let me finish by saying I am still hope ful but i have serious doubts we will suceed IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THE DO-GOODERS AND SPONGERS

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