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Sat, Feb 4th, 2023
Notice: We are currently out of stock on all models except the EliteMax and EliteXRay. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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EternaLights, LLC
Sales and Repair
1711 Maple Road
Defiance, IA 51527
(712) 627-4603
Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm Central


Technology Associates Inc.(remembered)
The EternaLight assets of Technology Associates, Inc.
have been transfered to EternaLights, LLC. All orders and services issues will be handled by them.

In 1992, Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson founded Technology Associates. In 1994, their partnership incorporated under the name of Technology Associates, Inc. Between 1993 and 2000, Technology Associates successfully operated a small chain of computer stores in the Reno/Sparks area which sold and serviced computers.
Technology Associates was also one of the founding investors in Great Basin Internet Services (GBIS), Northern Nevada's Largest Independent internet service provider. In 1998, TA divested itself of GBIS. In 2000, TA divested itself of it's retail stores to pursue manufacturing of the EternaLight flashlight and other related and unrelated products developed by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson. In 2007, the organization formerly known as Technology Associates, Inc., founded by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson in 1992 ceased to exist.

This site is still a functioning sales platform for the EternaLight products manufactured and sold by EternaLights, LLC. However, the remainder of the site remains as it was in it's finality before the closing of Technology Associates, Inc.

Today Mr. Bryson is privately employed as a Software Engineer. Mr. Hoops is privately employed in a manufacturing company as it's CTO. After working together since 1990, through their various projects and partnerships, Mr. Hoops and Mr. Bryson are still best friends and continue to explore new opportunities together.


Other Products

Most of these products were designed, built and manufactured by Technology Associates!


Technology Associates has designed its very own line of LINUX promotional items.
[Click here to see the latest]

TA's MP3 audio accessories kit!
Turn your computer into the COOLEST stereo component ever!!!

Technology Associates has designed a system for you to take advantage of the MP3 phenomena that's "ROCKING" the music industry!
[Click here to see more...]

Add FIREPOWER to almost anything!


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This is the one UNCLE SAM doesn't want you to know about! If you're a model hobbyist who always wanted to add FIREPOWER to your toys, these plans are for YOU!

This amazing project will take you into the world of futuristic weaponry! It can be made incredibly small, using as little as two AA batteries for power yet pack an amazing amount of force. Add guns to your model boats, planes, cars, whatever!

Three easy to build projects one of which can have you silently firing BB's in as little as 30 minutes. Imagine making a small electronic device capable of hurling a steel BB at amazing velocities from just a 1 inch soda straw, making almost no noise when fired. And, it can be fired entirely under electronic control. No springs, explosive chemicals, NO MOVING PARTS - except the projectile! Very educational, same principle can be used to develop larger weapons with deadly force. Electronics experience necessary. Must be over 18 years of age to order. Join our Guass Gun Builders Association at YAHOO.COM

Imagine SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, yet COMPLETE Home Automation and Security System from any PC!


Now HOME AUTOMATION is truly AFFORDABLE! Much more than just a X10 timer with a computer interface, the Introl-PC senses and makes decisions too!

Imagine security, convenience, safety, energy management controlled by your computer that you program within your own home. You can build it in as little as one evening at an unbelievable low cost. The system can be wireless, hardwired or a combination thereof. Once you live in a SMART HOUSE, you'll never want to be without it. Complete plans and powerful software along with source code for writing your own control software. Electronics experience necessary.

The INTROL-PC is one of the most versatile and least expensive INTELLIGENT control systems you can buy today. Unlike other systems which are very specialized and cost many thousands of dollars, the INTROL-PC can use inexpensive PC compatible computers which are widely available for as little as $500.00 or even less! Although this combination is by comparison very inexpensive, the versatility and power is truly remarkable! As a sensing intelligent controller, the INTROL-PC can serve many useful and money saving functions in your daily life. For example, the INTROL-PC can turn off your heating and AC after you leave for work and back on when you return. When you've been away, the INTROL-PC can greet you by turning on your porch and inside lights, then toning them down after you've settled in -- all automatically or at the push of a button. It can start your coffee in the morning and keep you from bumping into things at night by sensing your motion and turning on the appropriate lights at the proper time of night. It can control your sprinkler system more efficiently than your current controller during water restrictions -- or water based on soil moisture.

These are among the simplest applications of the INTROL-PC, the true power of this device lies in your ingenuity and imagination to apply it to your needs!

The INTROL-PC consists of a hardware interface (that you can construct for less than $150.00) and powerful, easy-to-use, software to provide intelligence. The interface connects an ordinary PC compatible computer to the outside world, allowing sensing of motion, door openings, and more as well as control of lights, appliances, etc. throughout your home.

Software Features:

  • Easy to use, window oriented, menu driven user interface.
  • 64,000+ timed events, allowing scheduling of events daily, weekly, or on specific dates.
  • 64,000+ operating modes, switching manually, through sensors, or by time.
  • 64,000+ assignable command sequences with chaining and concurrency.
  • Four independent sensor zones per mode.
  • Seasonal program set capability.
  • Password protection.
  • Much More!

Hardware Features:

  • 4 individual sensor input zones. Wireless and/or hardwire (normally open or normally closed).
  • 16 individual wireless control channels (X10 compatible, works with Radio Shack's "Plug'n Power" modules, BSR's X10 Powerhouse modules, and Leviton's Decora Electronic Controls).
  • 4 individual relay outputs (normally open or normally closed) capable of switching 3 amps or more!
  • Linear(tm) compatible wireless input
  • Complete interface battery backup in case of power failure.

Finally you can build a superb
Alarm Controller with as few as 10 Parts!


Amazing new chip handles up to 4 independent zones plus 1 Panic/24hr zone. Adjustable entry and exit delays. Adjustable alarm duration. Very low power consumption and few external parts required for a complete alarm system. Comes with chip and application notes. Electronics experience necessary.

Click HERE to download the data sheet and application notes. File size is 104K. Format is two visual pages to each logical page in booklet type order.

DIGITAL LOCK = 4 switches + 2 resitors + 1 capacitor + 1 LOKPIC!


This amazing new chip allows you to make your own simple or sophisticated access control panel so inexpensively and easily, you'll be in shock! Add a combination to your car door, alarm system, your imagination is the limit! Electronics experience necessary.

How simple can it be! Your own digital combination lock! The LOKPIC can handle anything from a simple quick access task, like a car door, to a sophisticated application with 4 separate channels and up to 10,000 possible unique combinations per channel. A digital keypad with this much capability could cost over $150.00, but you can do it yourself, the way YOU want for under $20.00! The LOKPIC is an amazingly flexible device! You can use from four to 12 switches for your key pad. All codes are programmable from your keypad and each channel can be programmed to operate in either a toggle or a pulse mode. If you've been wanting to add digital combination security to your alarm or access control, the LOKPIC's simplicity and security is a value that can't be beat! Comes with application notes and technical specifications.

Click HERE to download the data sheet and application notes. File size is 104K. Format is two visual pages to each logical page in booklet type order.

Software Products

It is true, there are a zillion editors out there. But, SimplyWrite is a pure ASCII Text Editor which provides the ultimate in editing ease and boasts useful yet unique features never seen in any other text editor.

After you use it, you won't want to be without it. This editor is very compact - a single .EXE file is all that's necessary - great for notebook computers! First time computer users find SimplyWrite easy to use and intuitive, yet seasoned professional programmers find themselves using SimplyWrite, even if only on occasion, for its unique and powerful capabilities.

Works great on networks! Comes complete with tutorial manual and additional programs.

Play Microsoft .WAV format sound files over your PC speaker from the DOS command line without requiring windows or any special cards. Great for adding sound to batch files! Includes source code in C.
You've seen them in shopping malls and novelty stores, groups of people huddled around a picture which seems to be nothing more than a mosaic pattern of dots! Yet if you stare at these patterns in the right way, without any special eye-wear, a dramatic 3-D picture comes to life! This amazing program allows you to create and PRINT these amazing patterns yourself with your PC computer. The possibilities are endless and could make you some pretty good MONEY too!
Are you a puzzle freak? Word Search Puzzles are a classic and timeless type of puzzle. They stimulate the mind and can easily help pass hours when traveling or waiting or just when you feel like it! This great little program lets you make your own! Make them for yourself, your children, friends, special events - whatever you please! Generate enormous puzzles worthy of Guiness if you like, then export them into your newletters or other writings.

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