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Wed, Mar 29th, 2023
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Gauss Gun, physics, science Forum
Our popular Gauss Gun product generates a great deal of comments and speculation. This forum is to facilate that and other topics of physics and science.
The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. Technology Associates, Inc. is not responsible for what they say.
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Real Gauss gun
by SamFisher on Tue, Nov 2nd, 2004 05:02:00 UTC
Ever dreamed of owning a Sci-Fi weapon? Well, now you can own at least one... the Gauss gun, popularized most by the Fallout series of games,
is available for everyone.

I found interesting link about this Click Here

Measure your Nanotechnology I.Q.!
by vilanaia on Sun, Oct 31st, 2004 12:02:01 UTC
For everyone who wants to test their knowledge in nanotechnology and advanced physics there is a new quiz in town! Visit Click Here it’s not like any other quiz where you answer and win just points, the contest has 3 rounds, each week the questions are refreshed and there you can actually win multimedia scientific encyclopedias. You should try it once and who knows, you might become addicted :)

Another Interesting Site
by donniedj on Sun, Nov 3rd, 2002 01:01:06 UTC

Click Here

Click Here

Another interesting site.
by tomh on Tue, Dec 10th, 2002 02:00:02 UTC
This site was emailed to me today, thought I'd post it here for all to see.

Click Here
Have fun!

    Re: Another coil gun site
    by donniedj on Sun, Nov 3rd, 2002 06:01:08 UTC
    Hello all,

    I believe I posted this before but not with a visible address. So here:


Interesting Gauss Gun Site
by ehass on Thu, Dec 5th, 2002 18:00:01 UTC
I found an interesting site with some info on the Gauss Gun. Just thought I'd post it if anyone is still interested...

Click Here

particle gun?
by spartan on Wed, Dec 4th, 2002 02:00:00 UTC
I got this idea while designing a sci-fi spaceship. It's a gauss gun that shoots particles rather than anything solid.

The basic idea was to replace the magnets in an old-fashioned gauss gun (such as the ones built in physics class in highschool) with magnetized gas (particles). Initially, a wave of particles would be accelerated electrically into a vacuum tube where gas would be simultaneously injected in hundreds of positions. As the wave hits the gas the particles collide and accelerate towards the next gas inlet. Since particles are used instead of magnets, the integrity of the "magnets" would not be a limiting factor.
On the other hand, even heavy particles should be accelerated to HIGH speeds to have an impact.

My physics knowledge is very limited so, if this forum is active anymore, could this weapon actually work?

Logged here, hoping to find information about gauss guns that use coils, porbably gonna try and build one at our summer place ;)

In case there are typos, it's because I'm far from a native speaker (finnish) :)

    Re: particle gun?
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 4th, 2002 01:00:04 UTC
    Well, an interesting idea although I'm not sure that I can picture what you're saying. Can you elaborate some more?


Home Made "Magno" Launcher
by chronoenigma on Sun, Dec 2nd, 2001 06:01:08 UTC
How would one shoot somthing say, as small as a bb threw somthing like a drinking straw?

Electromagnatize a spring inside the straw with a magnatized bb at the bottom of the coil forcing the bb to travel, spiraling along the "spring threads", and gaining speed and then out the end??

    Re: Home Made
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 2nd, 2001 11:00:02 UTC
    Our gauss gun plans acutally use a soda straw to shoot a BB. So, I might as well not say anymore or we would end up just giving the plans away for free! However, I'm not aware of this other method you describe with a spring.

      Re: Home Made
      by evev on Sat, Dec 7th, 2002 09:00:05 UTC
      a soda straw not usable for real coil gun. I try it. Coil hotting. Straw melted. You can see pfotos of my coil gun with bronze foil burrel on site:
      Click Here


    Re: Home Made
    by Hobson on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 04:02:03 UTC
    I imagine this straw gauss gun is made one of two ways:
    Linear coil
    Linear pull-push phases

    In a coil gun, there are stages of coils that are made into electromagnets, which pull the projectile in oscillations.(on long enough to pull, then off while the next coil is turned on).
    Coil guns can be breech loaded or muzzle loaded, I suppose.

    In a push-pull, which are muzzle loaded I assume, a series of electromagnets with intermediate non-magnetic items build up speed by smacking into one another till power is built up on the loaded projectile, which fires(normal magnets can be used, depending on design).

Gauss Gun
by WE on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 08:01:00 UTC
While filming in a electrical motor factory we came upon a secret project. It was an electrical motor which followed a rail. It was a replacment for an elevator cable system. The advantage was that it could not only go vertically, but also horizontally. Do any of you know more about this?

    Re: Gauss Gun
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 09:02:02 UTC
    I can't imagine what part of rail gun technology would be used here - but that isn't to say there isn't something. However, the application of what you describe might be some kind of new improvement on a linear motor which is used commonly to position X-Y tables or for fine precise postioning.

    Re: Gauss Gun
    by camp on Sun, Dec 10th, 2000 04:02:01 UTC
    yes they are going to need these for new building designs the elevators move horizontally as well as veritcally but I am not sure if any are in service yet.

by tomh on Fri, Dec 2nd, 2005 08:02:03 UTC
In the next few weeks or months, we intend to release all our DOS software. You can see the beginning of this now under Products/DOS software - FREE!

More important than these products is the underlying development system used to create them which we shall make available too. This is a powerful applications development system which is still very useful today, especially in light of the immortality DOS has been given by products such as Free DOS, DOSBOX and QEMU.

    Re: Supreme Court
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 8th, 2002 01:00:00 UTC
    Unfortunately, I was out of state when this
    finally came to a head and was decided. I
    could spew reams about corruption (and I have -
    Click Here )
    but the fact is that we ourselves are to blame
    for letting things get this bad. We have
    allowed decades of legislators to sell us
    security and fixes for problems which we should
    have taken responsibility to handle ourselves
    as individuals instead of trying to get fix-all
    laws, committees and agencies which apply to

    These laws and their infrastructure
    are so thick, so compounding and confusing that
    leagues of experts can not agree on their
    meanings anymore. When that happens, your have
    what I call "corruptable interpretation". In
    other words, since no average citizen can
    understand the totality of the laws, we appoint
    experts to interpret those laws. Those experts
    are corruptible either by direct lobby,
    threatening influence or through misleading and
    deceptive information. The governor was quite
    clever, using Nevada's balanced budget law, he
    got the legislature to approve the budget
    before they thought about funding it. Then, he
    threw that gap back on them. I noted,
    according to the RGJ, that a majority of
    expense in the budget was allocated to police
    and fire. It's a shame that the public accepts
    these expenses without question. There are so
    many laws which need no enforcement. So many
    laws in which we are better off without
    enforcement. And, so many laws which were
    designed to prevent events which are
    statistically irrelevant. Were I on the
    legislature, I would have proposed a
    significant cut in police funding. To offset
    that, I would propose an increase in citizen's
    policing rights. And then give the police
    departments more opportunity to use volunteer
    citizen help. Many policing duties do not
    require the intense training police officers
    undergo. Cell phones and eyes for watching go
    a long way. As for laws which they try to
    enforce, for example, I don't feel that most
    citizens need protection from prostitutes or
    more so, the "johns" they service. The
    "stings" they set up are a waste of taxpayer
    money and destroy peoples lives who are
    otherwise productive citizens.

    I am quite sure there are many other such
    opportunities for cuts in other agencies and
    departments which do not affect schools or
    educational services.

    The puppet masters are so arrogant these days, they could care less whether or not their audience even likes the show.

    Re: Gauss Gun
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 3rd, 2000 01:02:03 UTC
    I don't really know where this stuff stands anymore. The thing to remember is if you heard about it, it's probably old. If it's not old, then you heard about it because it probably doesn't work very well. If it works well and its new, don't count on hearing about it until its old - :) But, remember in all of these that they are not free energy machines. The amount of energy released in a .22 cartidge is probably on the order of a Kilojoule, but I would invite comment from a physics expert here. That's a pretty damn big electrical energy device (like a capacitor) compared to the size of a .22 cartridge. Energy storage technologies are the thing to really keep your eyes on because this gives us clues about what the big boys may be doing.

      Re: Gauss Gun
      by zhiwong on Mon, Dec 4th, 2000 07:01:04 UTC
      A friend of mine told me that the military had recently succeeded in making a practical gauss gun. The weapon is supposed to be capable of downing aircraft from the ground. He also told me that video of test fires of the weapon is available online but I don't know where. As for the mass driver, I don't know what happened to earlier efforts, but nasa is funding to conduct a preliminary study to see if a mag-lev driver to space is feasible. This is a somewhat recent development. Check out Scientific American's website for information on this. Search for "halbach array train". The article is from ~1-2 years ago.

    large version
    by futurewealth on Thu, Oct 31st, 2002 03:01:04 UTC
    I seen a site with pics of one in use. It was actually a rail and gauss guns.
    there were several sizes. a small version about the size of a small ice chest that fired at a high rate, not sure of the velocity.
    the rail gun was on the back of a flat bed truck and fired 1gm projectile at just over 9 miles/second 16,000 m/s.
    stated it would fire a 1.6 kilogram/ 3.5 pound projectile at about 2800 m/s or 1.6 mile per second.
    This would be an awsome application for a tank, could fire smaller non-explosive rounds further and at high enough velocity to tear the toughest tank apart. and with out the need to hull large amounts of explosive materials inside the cabin with the crew.

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