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Sat, Aug 20th, 2022
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Re: What now?
by tomh on Sat, Dec 9th, 2000 12:02:02 UTC
I will agree that our technology allows us be less centralized and such makes us less vulnerable. It is unlikely that the WTC will be rebuilt. The insurance for it has been nullified by the declaration of an act of war. And, I can't imagine the replacement cost of that structure in today's US with all the new safety requirements, ADA, insurance costs and the inflated dollar since
the last WTC was built.

As such is it a loss not only of its important function but its loss to all of us a monument and a national treasure of our achievements.

But let me rant about the STUPID policies recently implemented at airports. NO PARKING STRUCTURES within 300 feet - I would assume this is to prevent terrorists from parking bombs close to terminals. That's nice, lets make things really difficult for people and... force the terrorists to use other targets like shopping malls, schools, churches, any structure where there are concentrations of people is a target, not just airports. There are no shortage of targets here - should we remove or disallow all parking structures from any places where people congregate? WHAT ABOUT THE PRECIOUS ADA? Oh, maybe anyone with a handicap plate will be able to park within 300 feet of such a structure? A terrorist will never be able to acquire one of those! And then the Knife issue! Ugh! This is ridiculous! No plastic knives in restarants, or on the planes? What's next? No Pencils? I can show you how to slit someones throat with a credit card, are we going to ban those too? I think arming every person on board with a hand gun is less ridiculous than this!

Let's not let them win! Let's quite trying to PREVENT these things with STUPID implements. When someone behaves this way - they should be taken out. We will never prevent these things from ocurring - we will only sacrifice our freedom for the false feelings of security. We live in a dangerous world, get over it.

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