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Sat, Aug 20th, 2022
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In 1992, Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson founded Technology Associates. In 1994, their partnership incorporated under the name of Technology Associates, Inc. Between 1993 and 2000, Technology Associates successfully operated a small chain of computer stores in the Reno/Sparks area which sold and serviced computers.
Technology Associates was also one of the founding investors in Great Basin Internet Services (GBIS), Northern Nevada's Largest Independent internet service provider. In 1998, TA divested itself of GBIS. In 2000, TA divested itself of it's retail stores to pursue manufacturing of the EternaLight flashlight and other related and unrelated products developed by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson. In 2007, the organization formerly known as Technology Associates, Inc., founded by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson in 1992 ceased to exist.

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Today Mr. Bryson is privately employed as a Software Engineer. Mr. Hoops is privately employed in a manufacturing company as it's CTO. After working together since 1990, through their various projects and partnerships, Mr. Hoops and Mr. Bryson are still best friends and continue to explore new opportunities together.


eternaLight Q&A Forum
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by witsend on Sun, Dec 1st, 2002 07:01:03 UTC
So when will we see pictures of the Derringer? And specs? And any other new 2003 products?

    Re: Derringer?
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 1st, 2002 07:02:02 UTC
    Keep an eye on our website!

eternallight model 3 ergo
by mo_n_jo on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 06:01:05 UTC
My husband recently purchased this product and I love it, except for one "sall" problem. Several times when I opened my purse, the light was on. I didn't think anything of it as I thought it got bumped in my purse. However...after removing from purse and placing on night table, the dang thing wakes me up several time a night, shining brightly in my face. Many times I come into the room and light is on. Is there an automatic switch I can turn off? :0) Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem
Thanks Pam

    Re: eternallight model 3 ergo
    by tomh on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 11:00:07 UTC
    Sorry for the problem. If your unit is by a cell phone, make sure the cell phone is 2' or more away from it. Some lights are sensetive to some cell phones. If there is no cell phone anywhere near it - it needs to be sent in for warranty, chances are a component has come lose.

stainless screws for old Ergo
by ott on Wed, Oct 31st, 2001 09:00:09 UTC
2002-10-10 03:30 UTC
"We have tried to get stainless screws,
they are not available unless we commission a custom screw
(a lot of money just for screws). Nonetheless, the screw is
a 25X10mm pan head. If you can find a stainless screw,
please let us know!"

Click Here
Metric Stainless Steel Machine Screws - Phillips Pan Head - DIN-85
Part Number: MMPX-25/10
Nominal Size: M2.5
Pitch: 0.45
Major Diameter: 2.5
Length: 10
$1.61 per 10
$3.53 per 25
$12.12 per 100

Click Here
(Screw, Pan Hd, Pozi Driv, Stainless Steel, M2.5 x 10)
Qty: 114
Price per unit: $0.20
Kel ID#: 381.0386

Click Here
Machine screws, Pan slot, type 304 (A2) stainless steel
DIN 85, M2.5-0.45 X 10

or try the search engines at searchlores.org

    Re: stainless screws for old Ergo
    by tomh on Wed, Oct 31st, 2001 10:02:01 UTC
    We appreciate your attempt to locate this type of screw. Unfortunately, all the sources you found are for MACHINE screws, the screw we use is a self-tapping screw. And, SLot head screws are much harder to work with in production, a phillips is necessary. But, thank you for you time.

replacement parts
by ott on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 12:01:01 UTC
2002-09-13 04:59
Old black Ergo with rusty screws here.
Remembering your posted advice to someone
with rusty screws to "try wiping the screws
with oil frequently," I applied a drop of
Militec-1 synthetic metal conditioner
in each of the four screw holes. Several weeks
passed and then I noticed that the LEDs were
flickering from loose battery connections and
that the case had acquired a hollow sound
because the Militec-1 had dissolved the plastic
around the screw heads. Now a #64 rubberband
is holding the case halves together.
Can one order a replacement bottom case half
and screws and at what price? Thanks.

    Re: replacement parts
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 13:00:01 UTC
    Well, gotta hand it to you for sticking with the program. If you wish, you can just send the unit back under the limited warranty. Normally, this type of situation would be out of the warranty agreement but we get so few warranty repairs that we've been pretty liberal so far.

red lights for ergo marine
by tchazzard on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 05:01:09 UTC
Hi; I just ordered an X-Ray. I would like to use my ergo marine as a backward facing safety light on my bike. For this reason, I would like to replace the white LEDs with red LEDs. Do such replacement lights exist?


    Re: red lights for ergo marine
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 02:02:01 UTC
    The eternalights are not built to have the lamps replaced (you shouldn't ever have to do that). You can special order units with all red lights but they are not as energy efficient as a white, blue or green unit. Special orders reuire a minimum of 6 identical units. Thanks.

Rave'N 2, Blaster Mode = NightBeaconish?
by tester123 on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 10:00:04 UTC

Hi, just got my Rave'n 2 and I like it very much.

When running the Blaster mode (where the light colors cycle dimly until you hit the left button and then they all light brightly), it does not appear like this mode draws much power when the lights are cycling. Is this in fact true?

Would it be possible to leave the light in Blaster-mode for extended periods of time and because it does not draw much power (?) it works sort of like a NightBeacon to help find the light in the dark?


    Re: Rave'N 2, Blaster Mode = NightBeaconish?
    by tomh on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 12:02:01 UTC
    Yes, you are correct. The blaster mode is very low power when Adjust button is not being depressed. It could probably run continously for over 6 months.

led life?
by mrchri5 on Fri, Dec 7th, 2001 03:00:07 UTC
I just purchased the elite xray. if i always use the brightest mode and lithium batteries how many hours can i expect before i notice the led's degrading? They look like they are driven pretty hard compared to some of the other led lights driven to factory specs.

    Re: led life?
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 7th, 2001 21:02:01 UTC
    We have no data for this. Even Nichia has no data. In fact, there seems to be some argument over the data they do have. However, we're sure you'll notice degradation from each of many, many sets of batteries before there would be any measurable degradation from the LEDs themselves.

Bicycle mount?
by goldfndr on Fri, Dec 7th, 2001 01:01:05 UTC
How easy is it to mount any of the current eternaLight line to bike handlebars?

In the other forum:
2001May31, derry says you're working on it.
2001Dec08, tomh says usable as headlamp.

Click Here and Click Here mention putting/mounting on bicycles.

I'm planning to get a Rave'n (not sure 1 or 2) and I'm fearful of mere velcro coming undone on a curb.

    Re: Bicycle mount?
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 7th, 2001 21:02:01 UTC
    Well, several people are taking stabs at this, we are evaluating there results. When we have something we will annouce it to the email list and show it on our site. Thanks!

    Re: Bicycle mount?
    by tchazzard on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 05:01:09 UTC
    I mounted my eternaLight on my bike helmet using velcro. I use a velcro wire wrap as a safety in the event the primary velcro lets go. This light has not fallen off the helmet after 2 years of full time/ year round commuting here in Maine.

    picture can be seen at:

    Click Here

Wrist Strap
by ohwrd on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 12:00:08 UTC
I recently ordered the ErgoXRay light and accessorie strap but noted I was not able to locate any wearable accessories. Do you all intend to make a adjustable helmet clip, sideworn headstrap or wriststrap? I'm a audio/visual tech by trade and often need my hands free to make adjustments but need to be able to position the light in tight spaces. BTW great products.

    Re: Wrist Strap
    by tomh on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 14:00:07 UTC
    Thank you for the kind words. We are encouraging some third parties to develop some accessories like you suggest at this time. However, there is nothing like this that we are sponsoring at this time. Should opportunity arrise for us to develop these in the future our website will feature it.


Zzzz...Lite Operation
by cstuart on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 19:00:04 UTC
I've received my Zzzz...Lite, and it is very cool. However, it doesn't operate as the instructions state. A shake will turn it on and off, but five shakes only suceed in turning it on, and then off on the fifth shake. Any suggestions for getting a uniform light? I can't use it as a reading lamp in the cyclic mode.

    Re: Zzzz...Lite Operation
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 22:02:02 UTC
    The original pre-production zzz...lites used a mercury switch - good for test but not a politically popular device. The newer units use a BB on pins. It's somewhat natural to want to make short shakes which don't work quite as well with this type of switch. Longer slower strokes work much better.

Next generation of Rav'ns
by Tygon on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 09:00:00 UTC
awesome... i dont plan on being in the Reno area again until sometime in July or august anyway... so hopefully your new model will be out by then, cause im in love with the rav'n series. i know you probably dont want to give to much away, but if you have an estimated time of product launch that would be cool. also, are they going to have the same features? more/less??

i can get by with the 1s or 2s... but im anxious to see what you guys are gonna do with the next edition.


    Re: Next generation of Rav'ns
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 16:02:02 UTC

    I'm confised - what information do you have about future raven development?

      Re: Next generation of Rav'ns
      by Tygon on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 20:01:06 UTC
      from your post below...


      We are planning smaller units but don't expect to see anything within the next 60 days. We have a small lobby in our factory here that you can buy directly from (you will have to pay sales tax - washoe county 7.25%).

Model 3X powering on
by jooseppi on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 14:02:03 UTC

When powring on my M3X, light "scrolls" from right to left (takes about 0,7 seconds), so, it looks like this (- means that LED is not lit, and + meants that it is)
- - - +
- - + -
- + - -
+ - - -
+ + + +

This also happens when holding "mode" button when power is on.

Why it does that?

    Re: Model 3X powering on
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 17:00:05 UTC
    This effect was made to let the user know that a mode change was going to occur. I guess you could say that going from "off" to "timer" is a mode change too.

Question on the Rave'n series
by Tygon on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 07:00:03 UTC
Alright, here's the deal, my friend has a pair of Rave'n 2s and i really love to use them when i dance, the only issue im running into is that they are a bit to big for my small hands. I was out recently and saw a model that seemed to be significantly smaller than the 2. Is this the original Rave'n, or a newer model. Also are there any plans for the future yielding a smaller and hopefully lighter version. Even at just 4.3 oz, the 2s are a bit heavy when you're arms are moving at the speed mine do for so many hours.

Being as im in the Reno area often as i have family there and lived in the area for 10 years, are products available to be purchased there, or does everything need to be ordered??

Thanks, keep up the good work, and i look forward to seeing what the future holds in the way of eternaLights.


    Re: Question on the Rave'n series
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 14:02:02 UTC

    There is not much weight difference between the original Raven and the Raven2. However, there is a bit of a size difference as you have noticed. You can still purchase Raven 1's but they are more expensive because they are in low production. We are planning smaller units but don't expect to see anything within the next 60 days. We have a small lobby in our factory here that you can buy directly from (you will have to pay sales tax - washoe county 7.25%). We suggest you call before you come in to make sure we have what you need. Being the factory, we don't always have stock of certain items.

by Lawdog on Sun, Dec 2nd, 2001 07:00:09 UTC
I just recently discovered your "Flame". I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on Photon Microlights, Sapphire Lights, etc. Will the Flame ever be in stock again??? If so please let me know. . .I'd probably order quite a few if the MSRP is $5.99. Please let me know immediately if they become available again.

    Re: Flame!!!
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 2nd, 2001 10:02:01 UTC
    This project has been impeded by a limitless list of obsticles. For something so simple, a delivery date continues to elude us. No, competitors have moved into this territory. So, take you pick. Thanks.

Raven'2 Issue
by htek on Sun, Dec 2nd, 2001 04:01:09 UTC
Hi, I love your product but recently there's been a glitch I think.
I turned my Raven'2 on the other day and all the lights were as bright as before except for my Green and Blue one. I got freaked out, thought I broke it but couldn't recall me dropping it or anything so I turned the lights on one by one and then I saw that the green was brighter and so was the blue. Waited a few hours and my green light is now bright again, however. My blue light is faint now, it's on but faint. When I turn all the lights on I get a red light now, and not a tinted white light.
Does anyone know a solution to this, I've waited a whole day to see if that might help since a couple of hours helped the green. Tell me I can fix this from here!


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