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Changing LEDs
by danieloli on Fri, Nov 3rd, 2000 07:02:01 UTC
When I got my exteraLight 3 "Ergo" I didn't realise that there were the dual colour models avalible. Is is possible to change the LEDs to chat I want?

I am aware that you don't use 'normal' white LEDs and some have differnt current requirements to others. Is it possible to put too much load on the processor?

I am assuming changing an LED will make the warranty void.


    Re: Changing LEDs
    by tomh on Sat, Dec 1st, 2001 02:02:01 UTC
    While it is possible to change the LEDS, changing the LEDS will not change the software. The R/W, G/W options we offer have special software which allows you pick lamp sets in addition to the other functions. Our chip is somewhat versatile at managing different loads but doubling the load is not recommended. Good luck.

operating temperature
by witsend on Thu, Nov 2nd, 2000 10:01:01 UTC
Does cold affect the eternalight itself or only the batteries. In other words will using lithium batteries allow the lights to be used at lower temps. Twenty below F is quite common and I have noticed light reduction at ten above F. Thanks

    Re: operating temperature
    by tomh on Thu, Nov 2nd, 2000 10:02:01 UTC
    Ultimate cold will affect the eternalight's operation. However, the eternalight was one of the best performing lights in a Mt Everest expedition in 2000. So, I don't think that any cold you will experience as a human will stop it from functioning for you. But, the batteries, yes, lithiums perform much better at temperature extremes than alkalines. They provide longer life and more power. Although the power is not so much an issue with the eternlight since it is not a power pig. Thanks!

Number Of Levels In Flash/Strobe Modes.
by ammorris on Thu, Nov 2nd, 2000 06:00:05 UTC
I Just Purchased an EternaLight Model 3 XRay; needless to say, IT ROCKS. I was reading the manual and the Flash and Strobe Modes only say that the rate button changes the flashing rates of these modes. Could anybody tell me the Number of modes each of these have, and especially cool would be to have the actual rates that are available in these modes # per minute or second???...

Thanks A Bunch.

PS: I was wondering if the screws that hold the EternaLight case together are Stainless? If not, could anybody tell me the specs in case i wanted to replace them with stainless screws? (I have rust issues)

    Re: Number Of Levels In Flash/Strobe Modes.
    by tomh on Thu, Nov 2nd, 2000 02:00:06 UTC
    Glad you enjoy our product. Your not the first to request this information. Unfortunately, it is not available. Partly, it is a trade secret issue which at this time we are not prepared to reveal.

    We have tried to get stainless screws, they are not available unless we commission a custom screw (a lot of money just for screws). Nonetheless, the screw is a 25X10mm pan head. If you can find a stainless screw, please let us know! In the meantime, try wiping the screws with oil frequently.

versalux pr2
by witsend on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 20:01:01 UTC
I read somewhere that this is the "bulb" made by Sino Union. Is that true?

    Re: versalux pr2
    by tomh on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 23:00:06 UTC
    We have been told by the developer that Sino Union stole his design and that he is the only source for the units with the custom Nichia Lamp which is in our units. We have no way to verify this but I can tell you that Sino Union is not our source for these.

still in dark????
by larryback on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 09:01:00 UTC
how to do battry check on model 3 with r/w conversion? pressing the power button turns on the red.then pressing the adjust button turns on the white. holding down the adjust/rate button seems to do nothing...can't figure this out, please help.

    Re: still in dark????
    by derry on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 13:00:04 UTC
    Sorry. I was hoping Tom would answer as he knows the code better than I, but...

    Anyway, I checked and the RW/GW models do not have the battery check feature as the Adjust button is used to select which lamps are used.

colors???battery check
by larryback on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 01:01:01 UTC
will or are there color options such as red and white for the 3M marine...? about battery check for model 3 ergo you said check out FAQs what i cant seem to figure out is my model 3 doesnot have a 'rate 'button only adjust/mode and on/off is this because i have the RW. conversion that this feature does not seem to work or am i crazy please any help; thanx. great light cant wait to get my3M and xray after that dontleavehomewithoutit

    Re: colors???battery check
    by tomh on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 08:00:07 UTC
    Yes, you can special order different colors for our lights but with the exception of the RW/GW options, special orders are a minimum of 6 pcs. The "Rate" button is the same thing as the "Adjust" button. The name was changed on later models but parts of our documentation or website may still refer to this button as the "rate" button.

Ergo Xray keypad
by dvm on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 05:00:02 UTC
I just received an Xray and the keypad is peeling off about half an inch on one corner. I noticed that some sort of glue is used to keep it in place but apparently not enough was used on my Xray. What kind of glue can I apply to that corner to keep it from peeling off and compromising its waterproofness?

    Re: Ergo Xray keypad
    by derry on Wed, Nov 1st, 2000 02:02:02 UTC
    I'm sorry you are having a problem with your flashlight.

    We've had some Ergo's and Ergo XRay's which went out with the wrong adhesive and it sounds like you got one of those.

    In any case, your XRay is under warranty and the best thing to do is send it back to us with a note explaining what is wrong and we will replace the membrane and send it back to you. If that is not workable, please call and we can send you a membrane which you can replace yourself.


VersaLux PR2
by witsend on Sun, Dec 10th, 2000 02:01:03 UTC
With the integrated inverter will the pr2 work with more than 2 batteries? I have used a PR base with three leds but it din't hold up and it had nothing other than the LEDs soldered on.
Your new product looks much more durable.

    Re: VersaLux PR2
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 10th, 2000 03:01:00 UTC
    This product will actually work with as many batteries as you can pack together - they just can't add up to more than 3 volts. 3 volts is the product of two alkaline or zinc/carbon cells in series (head to butt).

Additional Online & Dealer Questions
by Floydney on Sat, Dec 9th, 2000 23:00:01 UTC
1) The website indicates that the Flame minilight is not available at this time. Any time soon?

2) The StarKnife looks like a wonderful tool! Is it available for sale? It doesn't appear in the Secure Online Order Form and has no Add To Order button. I would love to buy one, and sell them.

3) Are the Flame and StarKnife and VersaLux items
covered under the Non-Stocking Dealer Agreement?

4) The eternaLight Dealer Information webpage has a link to downloadable color product literature at Click Here The link returns a "Page has moved or is not found" error. Will you be producing a new document? This could be -very- helpful for your dealer network.

5) In lieu of the downloadable product literature described above, are dealers allowed to reprint captures of your website pages for advertising purposes, providing company info remains intact?

    Re: Additional Online & Dealer Questions
    by Floydney on Sat, Dec 9th, 2000 23:00:02 UTC
    Oops! With regard to topic 5 in my earlier memo, I found the working product literature links elsewhere on your website. Thanks muchly! You might want to fix the non-working one anyway.
    But I would still like to know if I can capture webpages for other things like carrying cases that are not shown in the downloadable slicks.

    Re: Additional Online & Dealer Questions
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 10th, 2000 00:02:03 UTC
    Not everything we sell is available to dealers at a discount. Things that we simply resell for example are not available or things which we are in low production of are usually not available or not available at any worthwhile discounts but it never hurts to ask.

    1) No, don't look for the Flame this year.
    2) Star Knife is not a dealer item - there are no discounts and we do not make the knife portion ourselves.
    3) There is some discount on the VersaLux but it is still in preproduction phase so it is very little.
    4) Thanks, it's been corrected!
    5) Yes, we are very liberal here just do not use them in a negative or distasteful way and NEVER modify any technical stats without our permission.


Saucey Rave'n party light
by Floydney on Sat, Dec 9th, 2000 22:02:03 UTC
The fine folks at the CK Sauce division of Color Kinetics Inc make a number of interesting party light products, including the LightWand sticks. Their products utilize color-blending technology that adjusts the intensities of three LEDs (red, green, and blue) to deliver a full spectrum of output colors, including a color wash mode that gradually shifts through the entire range. But these products serve mostly as novelties or home decorations, and for night light applications. They don't provide the directed beam capabilities and applications of a hand-held LED flashlight.

I would be interested to see a product like the Rave'n party light, incorporating those types of color shifting and color selection features. In addition, this technology might also be adapted to versions of the new Classic 2MAX and ProductX designs currently under development as listed in the Drawing Board Issues online voting webpage.

CK Sauce says that their technology is patented, and I don't know if the extent of the patent(s) would preclude TAI from manufacturing units with similar color shifting features. Or it might be necessary to license the technology from them. Furthermore, at least the software, and at worst the microprocessor and its support circuitry, might need to be completely redesigned and/or replaced. But it would be really nice to have a flashlight, and a table model ProductX, with all of the excellent features of the eternaLights, that could be set to any exact desired colors.

    Re: Saucey Rave'n party light
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 10th, 2000 00:02:03 UTC
    We have experimented with this but don't expect to see anything soon in this way. CK may have a patent here but I wonder if Sharper Image and Photon Microlight which ARE USING the color shifting techniques are on notice. Also, there are certain design requirements to even make this possible which are not present in our prototypes or products. Thanks!

Rave'n X2 dealer pricing
by Floydney on Sat, Dec 9th, 2000 22:02:01 UTC
The online Non-Stocking Dealer Discount Schedule and Current Price Level spreadsheet do not list any pricing for the Rave'n model X2 party light (ErgoRave'n or Rave'n2) units. Are these priced the same as the Classic 2, Ergo 3, and Rave'n X1 models for your non-stocking dealers?

Are the non-stocking dealer discounts applied by total units from each product class, as opposed to total units sold per each model number? For example, does the sale of three model 3X and two model X2 units provide the combined discounts to yield pricing for a total of five units?

    Re: Rave'n X2 dealer pricing
    by t1 on Sun, Dec 10th, 2000 00:02:03 UTC
    The items you requested have been added to the Dealer Price sheet - sorry!

    Yes, the pricing is based on the total units in that class, not for each item.


Rave'n X2 versus 3/3M/3X carrying case
by Floydney on Sat, Dec 9th, 2000 22:01:03 UTC
The Rave'n(2) party light model X2 appears to be of similar shape and size to the model 3/3M/3X eternaLights. Will the X2 party light fit into the leather clip case that is available for the model 3 series eternaLight units? And if the X2 Rave'n is equipped with the available lithium batteries, will it float as the model 3 does?
If the answer to both questions is yes, I will buy the plus kit along with my Rave'n model X2.

Looking For the Microprocessor!
by DannyChi333 on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 21:00:07 UTC
hi, im looking to get the microprocessor chip inside the eternalight that controls the lights. i dont want the whole assembly (i.e) the light. i just want the chip and specs. if thats possible. Is it trademarked, copywritten? trying to develope a raver product and i need the boards.

any help would be cool.


please reply to email.


DIY RF Shielding of Eternalight????
by DestroidMonster on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 20:01:00 UTC
Hi,I'm James from Singapore....I recently acquired the Eternalight3 from U guys and its simply one great torchlight.

Unfortunately, as informed in other reviews, the Eternalight could be triggered off by RF from GSM handphone....which in my case have happened a couple of times.

Is there any DIY methods to stop this problem once-and-for-all? Someone in the CandlePowerForums suggested aluminum foil...is it okay? I would like to ship the item to U for servicing, but the distance & waiting period is juz too much for me...Thanks

    Re: DIY RF Shielding of Eternalight????
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 21:00:00 UTC

    Unfortunately, we have been unable to acquire the gear necessary to reproduce the problem so that we can stop it. So, we don't yet have a solution. However, there was a fix about a year ago for static. How old is your unit and what is the revision of the ciruit board? Our latest units use a board which has a different layout. This layout may be worse or better, we have no way of knowing without the culprit hardware for testing.

    You could try wrapping the board with an insulating layer (i.e. tape) then wrapping foil around it - it probably won't hurt so long as you're careful to not short anything and you leave access for the buttons. Also, you could try painting the inside of the case with a conductive paint used for shielding (again, insulate the bottom of the board).

    If anyone can supply use with a specific unit and service in our area that we could acquire for testing, we would be appreciative :)

    In the mean time - keep posting your attempts and results, I will keep giving you suggestions.

      Re: DIY RF Shielding of Eternalight????
      by leowong on Sun, Dec 2nd, 2001 06:02:03 UTC
      Hi. I'm also a Singapore user and have same prob as James. In my case, my M3E (just bought today) comes to life when my GSM cellphone rings in close proximity (ie. less than 4 inches or so).

      Our cellphone networks run dualband on 900/1800. Maybe that's why you don't face that problem in the US 'cos u guys r on GSM800.

      Really don't think there's a cure here, unless you wanna clad your entire Ergo in copper or something. Unfortunately, you can't appreciate its dashing form, then... ;)

      Perhaps a 'tactical' and reliable version of the Eternalight can feature *internal* copper cladding, or simply a physical toggle switch to *really* switch it off.


Model 3X question/suggestion
by AlaricD on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 11:00:00 UTC
Is the keypad on the Model 3X "glow-in-the-dark" like the Rave'n keypad? I can't really tell from the pictures, but I suppose you would have listed it as one of the product features if it were.

If it isn't, I think you should consider making it that way. It would make it that much easier to find and use in the dark, especially if the NightBeacon(TM) were turned off. To that end, the 3M would also be even better with the g-i-t-d keypad.

Also, not to spoil it for anybody, but I wonder why the 3X costs less than the 3M, even though the 3X has the additional NightBeacon(tm) functionality. Is it because the 3M is still more watertight?



    Re: Model 3X question/suggestion
    by derry on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 11:01:02 UTC
    No, the Xray's keypad isn't glow-in-the-dark. We have thought about putting glow-in-the-dark keypads on the other lights, but the only colors we can get range from yellowish-greenish-white to a little whiter yellowish-greenish-white not the nice gray and yellow we have on those lights now. Although maybe function should come before aesthetics?

    In answer to your other question, the biggest reason the ErgoMarine costs more is the Lithium batteries.

      Re: Model 3X question/suggestion
      by AlaricD on Fri, Dec 8th, 2000 12:00:00 UTC
      Function before form!

      I don't think the color scheme would be dramatically ruined by the use of G.i.t.D. labels, and the added ease in finding it or operating it would be well worth the aesthetic change. In fact, it would be cool if the gasket itself were G.i.t.D. as well, since then the whole perimeter would glow. I think the cool factor would go up dramatically.

      Something like the model 3X with the glowing keypad and gasket would make a great gift for the elderly. They could keep it at bedside or maybe stick it to the wall with Velcro(tm) so they could get to it in a power failure, and easily locate it because of the glowing.

      I'm glad you guys take an interest in what we, the end-users, have to say. It's rare that the consumer can get so involved in a company's product development. Keep up the good work!

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