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Mon, Jul 6th, 2020
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In 1992, Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson founded Technology Associates. In 1994, their partnership incorporated under the name of Technology Associates, Inc. Between 1993 and 2000, Technology Associates successfully operated a small chain of computer stores in the Reno/Sparks area which sold and serviced computers.
Technology Associates was also one of the founding investors in Great Basin Internet Services (GBIS), Northern Nevada's Largest Independent internet service provider. In 1998, TA divested itself of GBIS. In 2000, TA divested itself of it's retail stores to pursue manufacturing of the EternaLight flashlight and other related and unrelated products developed by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson. In 2007, the organization formerly known as Technology Associates, Inc., founded by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson in 1992 ceased to exist.

This site is still a functioning sales platform for the EternaLight products manufactured and sold by EternaLights, LLC. However, the remainder of the site remains as it was in it's finality before the closing of Technology Associates, Inc.

Today Mr. Bryson is privately employed as a Software Engineer. Mr. Hoops is privately employed in a manufacturing company as it's CTO. After working together since 1990, through their various projects and partnerships, Mr. Hoops and Mr. Bryson are still best friends and continue to explore new opportunities together.


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Water Leakage on 4X
by jason9987 on Sat, Nov 2nd, 2002 15:00:09 UTC
I was using my Xray Elite in the water at night leting it float but when i was done using it it was acting weird, not turning on every time i pressed the button, night becon coming on by itself, i noticed it had water in it, i checked the seal and it was good and all the screws were tight, so i opened it up and took it the batteries out and let it dry over night, and it worked fine in the morning. Do you know how the water may have gotten in? Now i am afaid to use it in the water because i dont want to ruin it.

    Re: Water Leakage on 4X
    by tomh on Sat, Nov 2nd, 2002 18:00:00 UTC
    Please remember, the lights are water resistant, not water proof. Please read the "statement of water tightness" to understand this. There should be a link to this on each product page. While some tests have shown the lights to resist penetration for weeks, there is no way we can guarantee this for all lights in all conditions of use. However, assuming you were using the light in short immersions, it is reasonable to say that you should not have seen this. Unfortunately, there is a multitude of possibilities here. Loose screws, a chip or crack in the housing, a bad membrane seal or defective gasket and finally, improper assembly. If you fail to see the problem yourself, you more than welcome to send it back for inspection and cure. Although this is not covered under warranty unless it is an actual defect, we're pretty forgiving for the sake of customer satisfaction here.

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