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Wed, Mar 29th, 2023
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eternaLight Q&A Forum
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elitemax undocumented feature?
by keethpr on Sun, Oct 31st, 2004 20:01:05 UTC
i have noticed on my elitemax in the pulse mode that if you push the adjust button you can adjust the amount of time between flashes to be longer. it does not return to the higher rate like other modes do unless you switch to a different mode and return to pulse mode. thought you might want to know about this ,since the manual says the adjust button has no effect in this mode.

Difference in brightness.
by NightKast on Wed, Dec 8th, 2004 03:01:03 UTC
Is there a significant difference in brightness between the ergo series and elite series? I noticed that some models had higher TA Peak Light Output ratings then others. Do you actually see the difference if they are shined next to each other? Thank You.

    Re: Difference in brightness.
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 8th, 2004 04:01:05 UTC
    Yes, they can be at times and the EliteMax does have different driving circuitry which is capable of greater brightness. We always use our brightest lamps for the Elite Series. The Ergo Series gets the older stock. But, often times the difference is barely notable.

by rouelibre on Tue, Dec 9th, 2003 18:00:01 UTC

I want to mount a Versalux in a weather resistant case.

I understand that heat would become an issue for LED life and would need to be able to regulate the output (beside using any mechanical way to dissipate heat via the casing).

The problem is that the pot is not practical to use in a weatherized casing. Given the claimed efficiency of the unit, I assume that payload current doesn't go through the pot and that it just provides a low current control voltage.

I would rather use a 2 or 3 bits counter circuit that would provide control voltage in sequence at the touch a a single switch, thus giving me 4 or 8 preset light intensities.

I could reverse engineer your product, but I don't feel like so. Any advise?


Guy Lussier

    Re: Versalux
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 9th, 2003 19:00:08 UTC

    The pot's wiper arm merely provides a voltage reference from 0 to 2.5 volts. You may attach the lead going to the pot's wiper arm to your own reference so long as it has a common ground and does not exceed the 2.5 volts. You may use the 2.5 volt reference at the top of the pot if you have a resistive device and save yourself the trouble of contribing the 2.5 volts. Good luck.

"Levels of Regulation"?
by sonartech on Mon, Dec 8th, 2003 05:00:05 UTC
According to the info for the 4Z:

"The EliteMax not only has power regulation, but can select regulation levels and can turn on and off regulation at will to get you the absolute best performance from whatever your battery situation is. Because of this, the EliteMax can also make use of rechargeable batteries without affecting its light output level like other lights."

One of my customers has a question about this - I told him that I think it actually means the devices itself will determine the approproate level of regulation and that the user can't change the level of regulation.

Clarification, please?

    by tomh on Mon, Dec 8th, 2003 06:00:07 UTC
    No, the USER must decide what type of performance he wants and set the flashlight appropriately.

Model 4Z Elite Max green lamp production
by nine on Sat, Dec 6th, 2003 02:00:00 UTC
are you at all considering a Model 4Z Elite Max with green LEDs as you did with the Ergo 3? I mean production, not special order as 6 units may be a bit much for me.

Eternalight Magnet effect
by timcole on Fri, Dec 5th, 2003 02:00:01 UTC
I also wondered in addition to my earlier post, does the magnet in some of the models effect the performance of the unit, since sometimes cell phones can, I wondered if the magnet inside the Eternalight may also cause "misbehavior" in the device. Thank you.

    Re: Eternalight Magnet effect
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 5th, 2003 02:00:05 UTC
    No, the magnet has no effect, other than its purpose. Some older cell phones when placed within a few inches of the eternalight would turn it on. However, the EliteMax and Derringer do not have this problem.

Ergo Xray VS. Elite Xray
by Timcole on Fri, Dec 5th, 2003 02:00:00 UTC
I would like some input on which of these is viewed as the Truly better light, is there really that much difference between the Ergo XRAY and the Elite XRAY? I would love some opinions on this, Thanks!!!

Alkaline Battery ruined the case of 4Z
by 4Zlover on Thu, Dec 4th, 2003 18:00:07 UTC
i love my EliteMax. i have purchased it last summer, and it works really well. Unfortunately, last week, i found out my EliteMax works strangely, so i opened it and see what happened. what i had found out was one of the alkaline battery drained out some liquid(the batteries were new and i replaced them just a few days ago) and it ruined part of the case of my EliteMax and it also disconnected the wires which were connected to the metal plate to the batteries. But i am sure the circuit board which contains the microprocessor and the power regulator were not damage. i would like to know will you/can you help me to repair my EliteMax?
i love it so much.
Thank You

    Re: Alkaline Battery ruined the case of
    by tomh on Thu, Dec 4th, 2003 19:00:00 UTC
    As always, Ergo and Elite flashlights carry our lifetime limited warranty - just send it back. Even though it's not the fault of the flashlight, our warranty repair department is very generous, I don't expect you'll pay anything.

      Re: Alkaline Battery ruined the case of
      by 4Zlover on Thu, Dec 4th, 2003 19:00:04 UTC
      Thanks a lot!!
      i will send my EliteMax back.
      i felt extremely happy of i bought this great flashlight from your company. Technology Associates. INC is so dependable. i have no regret of purchasing products from your company.
      Thanks again!

Water Leakage on 4X
by jason9987 on Sat, Nov 2nd, 2002 15:00:09 UTC
I was using my Xray Elite in the water at night leting it float but when i was done using it it was acting weird, not turning on every time i pressed the button, night becon coming on by itself, i noticed it had water in it, i checked the seal and it was good and all the screws were tight, so i opened it up and took it the batteries out and let it dry over night, and it worked fine in the morning. Do you know how the water may have gotten in? Now i am afaid to use it in the water because i dont want to ruin it.

    Re: Water Leakage on 4X
    by tomh on Sat, Nov 2nd, 2002 18:00:00 UTC
    Please remember, the lights are water resistant, not water proof. Please read the "statement of water tightness" to understand this. There should be a link to this on each product page. While some tests have shown the lights to resist penetration for weeks, there is no way we can guarantee this for all lights in all conditions of use. However, assuming you were using the light in short immersions, it is reasonable to say that you should not have seen this. Unfortunately, there is a multitude of possibilities here. Loose screws, a chip or crack in the housing, a bad membrane seal or defective gasket and finally, improper assembly. If you fail to see the problem yourself, you more than welcome to send it back for inspection and cure. Although this is not covered under warranty unless it is an actual defect, we're pretty forgiving for the sake of customer satisfaction here.

Disproportionate battery drain
by JBoyd on Sun, Dec 8th, 2002 17:02:02 UTC
I have noticed that when it is time to change batteries (li++), only one of the batteries appears to be drained. All I have to do is replace that one battery, and I have almost full power (3 out of 4 lights in battery test mode).
Any comments?

    Re: Disproportionate battery drain
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 8th, 2002 18:00:01 UTC
    The flatter discharge curve of Lithiums may be deceiving your battery tester. There is no way that the light could function from the power of just one cell so certainly there has been power provided by the other cells. Possibly the one battery was substantially weeker than the others (a manufacturer's defect). I don't know but I would be surprised if you were to make this claim three of four times in a row (indicating that you're still using the first two original batteries). Or... you have a a light which has some very unique properties...

    Re: Disproportionate battery drain
    by jason9987 on Sat, Nov 2nd, 2002 15:00:09 UTC
    I have heard that this happens with most things using more than one battery

Derringer - Comes on in pocket
by ripleyr on Sun, Dec 8th, 2002 04:00:09 UTC
I have had the Derringer come on in my pocket several times. My daughter and at least one friend have had the same problem. Have you considered a lower profile button to correct or reduce this problem? It almost might be recessed. I need 15 if you have them.

Thank you

Bob Ripley
Non-stocking dealer #49

    Re: Derringer - Comes on in pocket
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 8th, 2002 06:00:01 UTC
    The Pocket-Smart feature is specifically to prevent this. When we were testing pocket smart - I carried a unit around in my pocket for almost 3 months. With keys, tools and children sitting on dad's lap, yes, the light did come on several times. But, I never had to replace the batteries because of this. Indeed, a lower profile button cap may help somewhat with this. But, to-date, this is the first complaint we've had about it so overall it works pretty well. But, we'll investigate a lower profile cap.

'DJing' Usage
by Radhika on Fri, Dec 6th, 2002 09:01:05 UTC
Hi,I am looking to purchase a flashlight as a gift for my boyfriend who is a DJ.If I were to purchase any one of the Eternal Lights(or any other) for the purpose of DJing, which one would be the moxt effective?

Factors(in order of priority) I would keep in mind would be:

#1. A lot of the parties he spins at are generally under UV/Black-Light lighting conditions. Thus,the flashlight should not draw attention to the DJ Console. It should be subltle yet effective in terms of providing adequate lighting ("people on the dance floor should not get completely blinded by the flashlight")

#2. A glow-like quality would be preffered. However, the effect of the glow should last for atleast 4-5 hours.

3. Size/Weight is critical. Small is good, yet it should not get lost amongst the records.

Any responses or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Re: 'DJing' Usage
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 6th, 2002 12:02:03 UTC
    Well, I was going to suggest the Rave'n 2 but it appears that's the complete opposite of what you would like. So, I would probably recommend either the Derringer or EliteMax. The Derringer offers a RED light which can run for a long time and is unobtrusive. The Max can be configured to come on with as little fan-fair as possible making it usable in this application too.

      Re: 'DJing' Usage
      by radhika on Fri, Dec 6th, 2002 15:01:09 UTC
      Thanks for the suggestions Tom. Both look excellent. There is the little matter of the price which would probably be the deciding factor.
      I however,so wish, i could get an online demo of the product.
      Thanks nonetheless!

Model 4X - "EliteXRay"
by Tom M. on Fri, Dec 6th, 2002 07:01:04 UTC
I love my Model 4X - "EliteXRay".
Now there is a problem though.
I was taking out the trash & it slipped out of my hands & took a fall on the driveway a few weeks ago.
I thought nothing of it because the outside didn't even get a scratch! Plus I remember your website saying to the effect of "throwing it up in the air 45 feet & landing on the concrete".
Tonight, while using it I noticed the case coming apart. I opened it, & to my dismay ALL FOUR plastic posts sheered off.
What can you/will you do to help me?
Thank You, Tom M.

    Re: Model 4X -
    by tomh on Fri, Dec 6th, 2002 08:00:01 UTC
    Wow, sorry for the problem. The only way I can imagine this happened is if it was overtightened which is quite easy to do. Because the PC plastic will take a lot of abuse but not over a long period (stress) it easy to overtighten and think everything is OK. If you never opened it, it is possible that a torque setting on the screw drivers at the factory were incorrect. Anyway, it has a lifetime warranty. Just send it back and we will repair it.

      Re: Model 4X -
      by Tom M. on Fri, Dec 6th, 2002 08:00:04 UTC
      Thank You. I will send it in.
      I dropped it only once. Never opened it either.
      The only thing that I can think of that MIGHT be the problem is I've carry it in my front pants pocket every day. Could this explain it?
      Thanks Again! Tom M.

color temperature
by ydennektap on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 04:01:00 UTC
what is the color temperature of the eternalight?

Elite Xray LED candlepower rating
by tsneller on Sun, Dec 1st, 2002 13:00:03 UTC
Can you tell me what candlepower or lumens the LED's used in the Elite Xray are rated at.

    Re: Elite Xray LED candlepower rating
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 1st, 2002 15:00:01 UTC
    The manufacturer of the LEDs used in the EliteXRay rates the candle power of those LEDs at a maximum of 11,000 mcd. The EliteXRay of course uses four of these LEDs. Thank you.

      Re: Elite Xray LED candlepower rating
      by AlaricD on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 03:02:01 UTC
      Any plans to make the VersaLux ULM with these LED's? The present ULM uses 6,400mcd LED's-- it would be phenomenally brighter with the 11,000mcd LED's. I'd be even more sorely tempted to order one :)

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