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Sat, Aug 20th, 2022
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Red cap for EternaLight
by 3rdpig on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 06:00:09 UTC
I've only owned my EliteXray for a month or so but it's already become something I don't go far from home without. The other day I saw a Pal light, the little one LED emergency light. I wasn't that impressed with the light itself but what I did like was the red cone that fit over the top turning it into a red warning flasher. I thought "what a great idea, I'd love to have something like that for my Eternalight!". I looked all around on the internet and couldn't find one then I remembered I had a piece of clear red plexiglass left over from some old project. A little work with a dremel tool and some super glue and I had a workable clear red cap. It's just a rectangular box open on one long side allowing it to be slipped over the light, but I sized it just right so that with the inside edge beveled it fits snugly over the business end of the light leaving the buttons exposed. My plexiglass is kinda scratched up and it sure won't win any beauty contests, but it fits and it gives a decent red beam. But as a red flasher it leaves something to be desired as it's only very visible when viewed directly from the end, from the sides it's not very bright at all. I realize that this is due to the way the LED's are designed to work. I thought maybe if I sandblasted the sides that would help and it did somewhat so then I sandblasted the whole thing and that helped a bit more. It's still not as bright around the sides as I'd like, but it is pretty good. Of course, with the sandblasting it doesn't throw a beam the way it did before, but it is a better flasher.

Anyone know of any commercial products like this being made for the EternaLight? If so I'd love to get one and see how visible it is around the sides of the light.

Chuck Bryant

    Re: Red cap for EternaLight
    by 3rdpig on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 06:00:09 UTC
    Just after I posted my message I got the brilliant idea of using a piece of aluminum foil in the end of the red cap, with the shiny side facing the LED's. Sort of a reflector. This brightened up the sides of the red cap some more, but has the side effect of also really lighting up the blue case of my EliteXray. Hmmm, red and blue flashing lights. I just walked out in my back yard and set the light on the fence post and backed away 50 feet or so. It's not a very dark night out, but with Dazzle mode turned on and the blue case and red cap lighting up it definetly looks like some kind of mini police light.
    This wasn't the effect I was looking for when I started, but there's no doubt that red an blue flashing lights will make people slow down and look!

    Chuck Bryant

      Re: Red cap for EternaLight
      by tomh on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 13:00:01 UTC
      Nice work Chuk! Many people have requested this type of accessory. Unfortunately, not enough to make it financially worthwhile. But, it is a consideration for the future. Thanks!

    Re: Red cap for EternaLight
    by wwang on Fri, Dec 3rd, 2004 14:01:03 UTC
    I have a deringer light I use for a night light for my 2yr old. It works OK, but I have a MCG Blaze that is roughly the same light, but with a diffuser that makes the red and white more of a room light. I am hoping that someone has a nice idea for a diffuser that I can slide the derringer into that can help the derringer be more stable and diffuse the light a little better instead of trying to bounce the light off the ceiling?

Polarity Protection
by SteveDunn on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 03:00:01 UTC
I notice that the EternaLight doesn't include polarity protection - if you plug in the batteries backwards, well it's toast.

An earlier post somewhere here stated that leaving off the diode was for propietary reasons related to efficiency (it's well known that using a diode to protect against reverse polarity has an efficency cost).

I was discussing this with a friend of mine who pointed out that his Panasonic 4AA Incandesant headlamp has polarity protection since the batteries are wired such that you could short 'em if you put one in backwards. This extra special polarity protection is 100% guaranteed not to affect efficiency!

I looked at my old Panasonic, and sure enough: The + terminal contact for each battery is a rectangle of sheet metal which is behind a perhaps 1mm thick piece of plastic that is part of the case molding - this plastic shield has an opening. the protrusion of the battery's plus terminal is long enough to make contact, but the flat minus terminal can't. Just like magic only simpler.

BTW, we had this discussion as we were skiing on the return during a 19 mile backountry trip on a moonless night. The EternalLight with my headlamp kludge (see my earlier message) worked like a charm. The lamp puts out more than enough light to easily see the snow and tracks far ahead. I think 1/4 power would be enough for most situations, actually.

Also the ice crystals in the air looked particularly nice under "moon" light. ;-) When we finally reached the car at 9:00PM the moment I put on the headlamps I was amazed to discover that while we were gone, the original white ones had somehow been replaced with yellow ones ;-).

    Re: Polarity Protection
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 13:00:00 UTC
    Actually, the Elite series has the protection you speak of. But, some plastic had to be removed for a better fit. However, it takes a lot of effort to get the batteries in backwards in an elite. To date, I believe we've only ever had 10 units of any kind in repair where the chip was actually dead. This could have been caused from backwards batteries, we'll never know. But the statistics show that that it is not a problem. Thank you for your input.

eternal light
by keethpr on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 13:00:00 UTC
i have dealt with a model xray4 and a photon fusion. the eternal light is much brighter than the fusion plus the flimsy battery latch on the fusion broke. i like the eternal light much better.
keith (N8IDK)

    Re: eternal light
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 3rd, 2002 13:00:00 UTC
    Why thank you! Of course, we don't like to bad-mouth the competition, that's why I'd never make a good politician I guess. But, you're welcome to bad-mouth them all you like!

Thanks,& a short story ..
by kb4mdz on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 18:00:08 UTC
Oh, happy day! I have my eternalight back!

I sent it in because the battery contacts on my Model 2 Classic were getting flaky; if I pushed on the case the light would turn on or change modes. I tried shimming with some paper (hey, I do electronic service work on two-way radios; I'll try anything to see if the fix works!) but it wasn't consistent. SOOOO, I sent it in, under your warranty, and voila' !! Worky Worky fine-fine!!


Now, for the story -

About 15 months ago I had my eternalight inside an electronics cabinet while I was trying to fit my fat hands and some multimeter leads; I got my measurement, but forgot the eternalight. Until I got out of the room, and back to my truck. Oooops. I figured I'd be close by again within a couple weeks. But, it was maybe 3 months later before I had to go back to the same room, and there was my eternalight, right where I left it, and it had properly turned itself off. Still turned on, perfect. Since then, I've gotten an Ergo for my wife, who keeps it on the headboard - what with the number of times our power has been out here in central North Carolina in the last 12 years, it's nice to have a flashlight to depend on ! (Hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms, you name it, our power will probably go out!)

Finally, I just got the email with Thomas Hoops' rave about the browser Opera. Yay!! Another convert!! I've been using Opera for several years now, starting back when the initial installation would fit on a single 1.44meg diskette. Fast, easy, intuitive, and it just keeps getting better!!

Keep up the good work.

Chuk Gleason
Cary, NC

El Cheapo Headlamp Conversion
by SteveDunn on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 11:00:03 UTC
I was just given a 3M Ergo Marine for a gift - and what I really need is a headlamp. I managed a reasonable coversion using "standard universal construction materials" - i.e. cable ties and duct tape - plus a bit of narrow diameter ELASTIC cord and a push button cord lock. It's not exactly elegant but it works and adds less than an ounce of weight.

I secured about 20 inches of elastic cord to the lamp using two cable ties through the lanyard hole. The key is that the cord runs horizontally across the back of the unit which allows the lamp to be secured by the cord FLAT on top of your head without any twist. The ends of the elastic cord are secured with the cord lock and then knotted. In addition to affix the cord along the entire back of the lamp, a piece of duct tape is used on each side of the lamp. This helps keep the lamp pointing forward instead of tending to swing from side to side.

To use this, the lamp is placed flat on the top of the head, and the cord placed under the chin and tightened The cords now running down the sides of the face are placed behind the ears and the cord tightened further to prevent the lamp from slipping down. You may be getting the idea that we aren't talking high fashion here ;-)

Note that it fits better if you wear the lamp with the controls facing DOWN. To make this work you have to install the cable ties so the "boxes" at the ends will face up when the lamp faces down.

The major disadvantage, other than being funny looking, is that you probably have to remove the cable ties to change the batteries -which further limits the ability to change the batteries in the field.


Overall, I'm really impressed with the brightness and flexiblity of the lamp. Like many others, I wish it would come on at the dimmest setting so as not to disturb other people and your dark adaptation - better to start dim and ramp it up to the lowest needed level.

The other disadvantage is that the batteries aren't field replaceable - which is to say you wouldn't want to even think about doing it in the wilderness without another light and the right tools.

I very much like the timer mode being first so that it can't drain the batteries much by accident.

    Re: El Cheapo Headlamp Conversion
    by tomh on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 15:00:09 UTC
    Steve, I'd like to see this. I think velcrow and a ballcap (light under the rim of the ball cap) has always made an easy and very suitable headlamp. Thanks for the input!

      Re: El Cheapo Headlamp Conversion
      by SteveDunn on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 16:00:08 UTC
      | Steve, I'd like to see this.

      I'd take a picture of my leetle kludge for you except I don't see that I can post pics here...

      I think velcrow and a ballcap (light under the rim of the ball cap) has always made an easy and very suitable headlamp. Thanks for the input!

      Well I do lots of cross country skiing and high altitude hiking/scrambling, often in conditions in which a base-ball cap just isn't acceptable headgear. I also have my doubts about how reliably the velcro would hold (Hint: "failure is not an option"!).

      My setup will fit over most hats one way or another, and I've gotten it to work with a hood by
      just wearing it on my head as usual and putting the hood over it.

      =Steve, The KludgeMeister=

LED on Model 4 versus Model 3's
by tchazzard on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 14:00:02 UTC
Hi; Do the model 4 lights use a different LED than the Model 3 lights? If so, what is the difference? Thanks.

    Re: LED on Model 4 versus Model 3's
    by tomh on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 18:00:02 UTC
    The model 4's will use the best lights we have available. The Models 3's may or may not depending on market conditions.

Rave'n ideas
by Canuke on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 07:00:07 UTC
Greets. I understand that you may be adding programmability into the Eternalights, if so, cool! I've got a Rave'n 2 and it's a lot of fun. I've got a couple of ideas for new modes.

Idea #1: Binary mode. Press Adjust to cycle all 4 LED's through the 16 possible binary combinations. Main purpose would be to use the lights in combinations, as opposed to the 1-at-a-time possibility of "Stoplight".

Idea #2: A much faster Sequence mode. When all 4 lights are on, they add up to quasi-white, with funky colored shadows. Cycle Sequence at high speed, you still get quasi-white, but anything MOVING will break up into colors.

    Re: Rave'n ideas
    by tomh on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 11:00:07 UTC
    Interesting second idea. The first we've already thought of but we're waiting for the proper time to change the product and that time hasn't come yet. Thanks! Keep watching!

      Re: Rave'n ideas
      by mega666 on Thu, Dec 4th, 2003 04:00:07 UTC
      Go to Click Here
      They have flashlights at only 16-20 dollars each (depending on the color) at up to 15,000MCD! They have 9-16 customizable patterns, including binary mode, strobe mode, fade-and-run, and more! You can mix colors and best of all, there are 8 leds, not four! Message wands are new!

Glow-In-The-Dark (GITD) eternaLight?
by on Fri, Nov 2nd, 2001 01:00:03 UTC
I recently painted a (strontium aluminate/europium) GITD "reflector" on one of my Xray's. The entire top surface surrounding the LEDs is painted with this stuff, save for the gasket. It emits a brilliant glow for many hours after only a few minutes of charging either in ordinary room light or even just after a few minutes of normal operation.

I'm wondering if you'd consider making a GITD XRay shell or a GITD finish available on some of your lights?

I know the Xrays already have an internal "beacon", but GITD would be a very nice addition to that.

Eternalight Mini
by on Thu, Nov 1st, 2001 04:02:01 UTC
Have you considered making a "mini" eternaLight that uses 3-AAA cells, and perhaps has 4-3mm LED's or maybe 3-5mm LED's? It could have the same proportions of the Ergo, but just be much smaller. I love my X-Ray but it can be a bit bulky.

    Re: Eternalight Mini
    by on Thu, Nov 1st, 2001 06:00:06 UTC
    We have considered it for almost 4 years. In fact, we're developing one we hope to release by the end of Q1 '03. Thanks!

      Re: Eternalight Mini
      by AlaricD on Wed, Dec 4th, 2002 04:00:05 UTC
      Just when I told myself I was going to hold off on buying more flashlights... :)

eternaLite Luxeon Star plans?
by Lantern, Jack O on Thu, Nov 1st, 2001 00:01:02 UTC
Are there plans to implement Luxeon Star LEDs in a future eternaLite product? I ask because I think this would be an immense improvement. Don't get me wrong. I love the eternaLite line you have now, but the LS's are several times brighter than even the Nichia 5mm LEDs.

I'll bet an aliminum eternaLite shell would be plenty enough mass to heatsink a couple of properly driven LS's

    Re: eternaLite Luxeon Star plans?
    by tomh on Thu, Nov 1st, 2001 00:02:01 UTC
    We have considered Luxeon Star designs for several years now but have had other directions to go while we wait for their manufacturing technology to stablize. I'm sure we will begin a design soon but I can not reveal what we have up our sleeves on this one at this time.


Elite X-ray - Night Beacon oddity
by tsneller on Wed, Oct 31st, 2001 07:00:05 UTC
If the Night Beacon mode is enabled, and the unit is knocked hard, the Elite turns on. HOWEVER, if the night beacon is NOT enabled, and the unit is knocked hard, the unit doed NOT turn on.

CHILL105 on 25/08, commented on this, and you suggested that it was probably loose batteries. If this was the case, surely the light would always turn on if the case was knocked hard.

    Re: Elite X-ray - Night Beacon oddity
    by tomh on Wed, Oct 31st, 2001 07:00:05 UTC
    No, I realize that this doesn't make sense but it is true. You can do an experiment yourself. Take your unit apart, carefully enable the nightbeacon. Tap out a battery so that it falls back into connection quickly when tapped. You will see this is indeed how it works. I can not give you the electrical answer here for proprietary reasons.

lithium batteries for eternalight
by keethpr on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 21:01:03 UTC
for lithium batteries has anyone thought of going on ebay for them ? i have bought the energizers there for about half what i was able to find them for elsewhere.

rechargeable batteries performance
by hweyn on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 18:00:06 UTC

has anbody tried to use the eternaLight with good rechargeable batteries like NiMh 1800mAh? If so how long did it work? Those Lithium batteries seem to have great performance but they aren't really nature-friendly and not to mention expensive.

    Re: rechargeable batteries performance
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 18:02:01 UTC
    We've been down this road quite a few times, there is a very good answer to your question in our FAQ. Thanks!

    Re: rechargeable batteries performance
    by keethpr on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 22:00:06 UTC
    since you will have only 1.2 volts per cell and not 1.5 you will have .9 less volts to the eternalight. this will result in less light output probably close to 30-40 % less.

Alternate flashing patterns
by huckathome on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 06:00:06 UTC
I occasionally work with fiber optic data cables, and have found that the Eternalite (mine's an Ergo Marine) can perform a passable cable ID. I do this by positioning the ends of the fiber optic cable just in front of a couple of the LEDs. I can then go to where the cable terminates and by looking at the pattern, tell which fiber is which. The only problem I have with this approach is that the flash patterns for the individual LEDs isn't distinct enough to use all 4 LEDs. Is there anyway to change the flashing pattern in "dazzle" mode to something else? I would love to have a flashing pattern where each LED flashed a pattern that was very easily recognizable. (e.g. for LED1 a flash, followed by a pause, and then repeated; for LED2 two flashes, followed by a pause, etc.)

As a technician, the strobe feature is occassionally useful to "strobe" a rotating object to read printing on it, but the "dazzle" mode seems pretty much useless, and could be easily sacrificed for something else.

    Re: Alternate flashing patterns
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 09:02:02 UTC
    At this time there is no way to change your eternaLight functionality. It is what it is. Our newest product which should be available Q2 2003 will allow some HACKing and thus any unique or specific purpose functionality like this may be possible at affordable means by yourself or someone gifted with programming talent. We like to see people using our lights this way. Thank you.

    Re: Alternate flashing patterns
    by Floydney on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 12:00:04 UTC
    What an interesting concept! It struck me that if you need to have several different sources at once, you might try a Rave'n2 Party Light. The four LEDs are of different colors, and there is a variable speed sequencer mode that flashes the bulbs independently. The Rave'n2 could become the ultimate fiber optic cable tracer. You might be able to fashion a jig block out of plastic clay, to simplify positioning of the individual strands in front of each LED (and to hold them securely during testing).

Use for shed light?
by tchazzard on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 05:02:00 UTC
Hi; I just built a 10x12 storage shed. I would rather not run eletricity to this shed. What would people recommend for lighting? I wondered if a couple of eternalights would work or whether there was a different LED based product which would work well. Thanks.

    Re: Use for shed light?
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 02:02:01 UTC
    Our most energy efficient product (light output vs. power in) is the VersaLux ULM. It can operate on a wide range of voltages too. And, one ULM is roughly equivalent to two eternalights. Thanks.

      Re: Use for shed light?
      by tchazzard on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 04:00:04 UTC
      | Our most energy efficient product (light output vs. power in) is the VersaLux ULM. It can operate on a wide range of voltages too. And, one ULM is roughly equivalent to two eternalights. Thanks.

      Is there a self-contained product which incorporates the VersaLux ULM? Thanks.

      Re: Use for shed light?
      by tchazzard on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 12:00:00 UTC
      | Our most energy efficient product (light output vs. power in) is the VersaLux ULM. It can operate on a wide range of voltages too. And, one ULM is roughly equivalent to two eternalights. Thanks.

      Places such as Harbor Freight sell PV panels. What is the minimum set up I would need to use a ULM for lighting my shed. I assume I would need a PV panel, cabling, 12 deep cycle battery. I assume I would need to be careful to not over charge the battery. I also wonder if the ULM can be hooked to a 12V battery at the same time as the PV panel.


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