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Mon, Oct 3rd, 2022
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Elite-X-Ray: Ultimate Test
by chill105 on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 00:02:01 UTC
This summer, I went on a thirty day expedition in the four corners region. It involved three aspects: Canooing on the Green River in Utah, doing service in the Zuni Nation in New Mexico, and backpacking in the Weiminuche Wilderness Area in Colorado. My X-Ray was awesome! It stayed watertight on the river, impervious to scorching heat, sandstorms, and sunblock. Unaffected by very high-altitudes and freezing cold temperatures (literally freezing some nights) in the mountains, the batteries lasted the entire trip, without needing replacement. (Several people had to change their flashlight batteries twice or more). At night, I could easily see it blinking next to my sleeping bag (while other people were struggling to feel for theirs). Its brightness was unmatched by any other flashlight on the trip. Its dimming feature made it ideal for cooking, brushing teeth, and night-hiking (when full-brightness would cause you to completely lose your night vision). Its SOS feature would have been nice had I been separated from the group. Also, it made for a few fun nights of strobe-light dancing before sleeping under the stars! Overall, it was by far the coolest and most useful flashlight on the trip. It even gained it's own nickname- "The Light Brigade." (My tarp mates were frequently blinded at night while I was getting everything ready for bed).

I'm happy to say that my Elite-X-Ray passed its test with flying colors. However, I noticed something strange- Whenever the NightBeacon feature is enabled (whether in the "ON" or "BLINKING" mode), the eternalight becomes shock-sensitive. If you drop it or hit it, it will turn on to Timer Mode, and the NightBeacon setting will reset itself (meaning that when you turn it back off the NightBeacon will not be enabled). This shock-sensitivity does NOT occur when the NightBeacon feature is turned off. I have a feeling this was NOT a built-in feature of the flashlight. What causes it, and can it be fixed? Although it wasn't necessarily a problem, it caused me to have to reset my NightBeacon feature a few times.

Thanks for making such an awesome product!

    Re: Elite-X-Ray: Ultimate Test
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 04:02:02 UTC
    We are always glad to hear of someones use and experieince with our products. Thank you for the time you took to share that with us. Regarding the NB/drop problem you spoke of. It is possible that you have a unit which is collectively on the edge of tolerance. There is a .03 variance in battery height from the battery manufacturers and a .04 variance in contact positioning from edge to edge. If you got on the outsides of both of those tolerances you may have a battery which is a bit loose. If you would like to send the unit back to us for us to have a look, you're certainly welcome too and we generally turn warranty repairs around in 1 to 3 days. Again, thanks!

    Re: Elite-X-Ray: Ultimate Test
    by shankus on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 16:01:03 UTC
    On my standard XRay, I was really happy with it except for one that. I had to pot the cells in with clear RTV. Each time it was bumped or dropped, one of the cells would lose contact in the light, and it would shut OFF. Then, I would have to go back and set up the "night beacon" feature again. If a cell lost contact, it kind of "rebooted" the light.
    So I coated the cells with a little bit of oil, so the RTV wouldn't stick to them, and put RTV around the springs and contacts. It never went off again from a bump or drop.
    RTV needs air to cure properly, so I left it closed for several hours, then opened it again after it had thickened up some, and let it sit overnight. The cells could now be replaced no problem, and no more annoying "rebooting". I didn't check to see if it would float after that, I live in the desert!

Cheap Bike Helmet Mount for EternaLight
by jmagecko on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 17:00:02 UTC
I've found that I can easily, cheaply, and securely mount my Model 3X ErgoXray eternaLight to my bicycle helmet using a single 12" long plastic cable tie. I used 2 for added reliability.

The beam ended-up oriented pefectly. The cable-tie is threaded through the lanyard hole, over the case top, between the two middle LEDs, down through a hole in the helmet, back under the top of the helmet, back up through another hole in the helmet, and in through the locking-clip.


Important notes! For safety, do NOT drill any holes in your helmet. I used pre-existing air-vents in the helmet. For comfort, I also made sure the locking-clip of the cable-tie was located on the outside of the helmet when the installation was completed.

My helmet is a Bell Sports (www.bellsports.com) "Rattler" ...apparently no longer made. I'm sure any similar helmet would work.

The top air vents are centered and aligned such that when the eternaLight is attached in this way it is virtually perfectly aligned side-to-side and vertically to point where I am looking. The "Craze" and "Arc" helmets look similar.

Note: I've also found a product called the "Handy Bundler" is really useful for securely attaching odd-shaped items, lights, batteries, etc. to equipment such as bicycles and camping/caving gear. This item basically lets you create your own cable-ties of any length up to 50ft. It can be found in discount stores for under $15 these days but can be hard to find.

Too bright when turned on -suggestion
by jmagecko on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 16:00:02 UTC
Because of the high brightness of the lights, a number of people have written to ask for shields, guards, reprogramming, etc. for the L.E.D.s of the eternaLights.

Until something is available, people can cup their hand over the L.E.D.s and shield the light as needed.

With practice, I've made this a one-handed operation: shielding the L.E.D.s and turning the light on and off with a thumb as needed, uncovering L.E.D.s as my eyes adjust to the light.

Flickering light output.
by Zoroff on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 01:00:04 UTC
One thing that bothers me with my ErgoXray is that the modulation frequency seems to be low enough to make the light flicker considerably at the edge of my vision, which is irritating when reading.
Is anyone else bothered by this? And does it have to be like this anyway, could you up the frequency a bit?

    Re: Flickering light output.
    by tomh on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 04:02:01 UTC
    It is possible you have unit which is running slower than normal. It is also possible that your retina is a bit faster than the average humans. We can speed your unit up some but that will mess with timing of other functions (Timer, flashing rates, etc.) You can send it in and ask for a special rate increase or if we can check your unit out to see if it is running exceptionally slow.

New Products?
by ranmai on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 05:00:00 UTC
It pains me to see you selling other people's LED light products like the ARC and the TagLite. Is Technology Associates done innovating new products? I guess my expectation was that you would have made your own versions of these products. I must just be selfish in wanting more of your wonderful products to sell :P I hope to see new stuff soon :)

    Re: New Products?
    by tomh on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 05:02:01 UTC
    It is a long road to a finished product. When we see something we feel has been done to our level of satisfaction, there doesn't seem to be much reason to duplicate it unless we can offer a significant improvement. So, occassionaly we carry others products who we think may sell well. But, thank you for the kind words.

unit wont turn off!
by chebard on Fri, Dec 7th, 2001 22:01:07 UTC
I velcroed the unit to the rear of my motorcycle and feel a bit safer even during the day knowing that the driver that may be a sleep behind me just may notice the biker in front of him at the light. A tap from a car can spell death to the rider!

Anyway, I came home the other night to find my eternal light glowing at me... blue that is. I hit the power button and it starting strobing.....and can not be turned off. I tried taking out the batteries, to reboot the booger, but to no avail. I changed the batteries, still no success... I love this unit, you should advertise in a motorcycle rag and watch the orders fly.
Please help me/ strobing in PA..


    Re: unit wont turn off!
    by tomh on Sat, Dec 8th, 2001 05:02:01 UTC
    Perry, sounds like a component may have come lose on the circuit board, possibly from the vibration. Your unit carries a lifetime limited warranty, this certainly would be covered under that. Please send the unit back to us for prompt service.

better programing
by jason9987 on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 21:00:04 UTC
here are some suggesions and comments for a more useful pogram in the device:

1.have the timer mode be at the dimmest setting that has all 4 LEDs lit

2.have On/Dimmer mode start at the lowest setting and go up to the highest

3.have the level in On/dimmer mode that has 2 LEDs lit use the two middle or the two outside ones

4.If there is not enough space left for code the remove the different levels on Flash mode and strobe mode

    Re: better programing
    by AlaricD on Fri, Dec 7th, 2001 05:00:01 UTC
    | here are some suggesions and comments for a more useful pogram in the device:
    | 2.have On/Dimmer mode start at the lowest setting and go up to the highest

    I like the idea of being able to turn it on at the lowest level instead of the highest, but having a way to set the option to start "full on" or "dimmest" would be really cool.

    | 3.have the level in On/dimmer mode that has 2 LEDs lit use the two middle or the two outside ones

    I think that with the pulse-width modulation, 4 LEDs at a lower power setting would actually provide more light more efficiently than two LEDs running at a higher power level.

    | 4.If there is not enough space left for code the remove the different levels on Flash mode and strobe mode

    I'm not sure, but I think the flash and strobe modes use a very simple method to use the number of "Rate" presses as a variable, and doesn't actually store each individual flash rate as more code. The information to strobe is already there, it just takes an extra variable to determine how to slow down. Kind of a (using simulated 'code'):
    Do While Mode = Strobe
    Poll ModePress
    Poll PowerPress
    Poll RatePress
    Slowness = 1 + RatePress
    Lights Off
    For X = 1 to (Slowness * 50)
    Lights On

    Or something like that.
    Maybe I confused things.

ordering from Canada
by brubaker on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 16:01:01 UTC
Do you ship to Canada.....Or better yet do you know who sells your products in Canada. I live in Calgary, AB, and want to go pick an X-Ray Elite up....they look awesome.

    Re: ordering from Canada
    by tomh on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 20:02:02 UTC
    Yes, we ship to Canada. But please email us for any inquiries about dealers, we do not post that information in this forum.

    Thank you.

New Ergo thoughts and ideas.
by Meerkat on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 08:00:04 UTC
I looked at the new model 4 EL's, and had two quibbles with them:

1. The LEDS are exposed. I would like to see the LEDs more recessed so that if one landed "nose down", there would be less risk of scratching the LEDs.

2. The magnet is a serious turn-off! I sort of realize the motivation, but it's not something I would toss into my laptop case, nor would I appreciate it in the vicinity of a magnetic compass! How about making it as a loose option in the box with a self stick (pull off the film) pad on the back of the magnet?


* EL 4 X-Ray Marine - front is the translucent blue and the back is the marine yellow color. Biased so that it will float front down thus making the yellow visible.

* EL 4 X-Ray Amber - amber LED under blue or amber LED under translucent amber color.

* GW option for the EL 4 X-Ray - or, even better, a Blue-Green/White option.

    Re: New Ergo thoughts and ideas.
    by tomh on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 13:02:02 UTC
    Thank you much for your thoughts. The "exposed LED's is something people sometimes worry about. I can tell you after selling these things for four years that no one has broken a unit this way (at least and reported it to us). The LEDs are much tougher than people believe. Also, the curved face does a very good job of lowering the statistical possibility of a "direct hit". Odds wise, you probably stand a better chance of winning a lottery.

    The technology to mold two seperate colors like you suggest into one piece is very expensive. That's why you won't see much of it - look and try to find something actually made that way. It's easier to make multiple pieces and fasten them together at this time. This would require a whole new mold and would increase costs tremendously. Having to raise the price of our lights beyond what they are is something we not sure the market could bear.

    However, we do appreciate your input here and will consider the essence of your ideas. Thanks!

Ergo is my friend
by ott on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 06:01:08 UTC
My old black/orange Ergo has become my main
flashlight. I wear it on a cord around my neck
and hold it in my teeth for hands-free use.
I've bitten hard enough to make teeth
impressions in the four corners of the lanyard
hole and I haven't yet learned to control my
Instead of having a dimmer light with each use
for month after month, it would be nice to have
a drop-in inductive charger like my electric
shaver that would keep the batteries fully
When I retire this eternaLight, I was wondering
if I could replace the batteries with an LM7805
5-volt regulator and feed it through the case
with ~12VDC and if the Ergo's service life would
then be limited only by the life of the LEDs
and would that life be typically 100,000 hours
total or eleven years continuous?
I enjoy using dazzle mode.
Thanks for the great little light
at this time in Earth's history.

    Re: Ergo is my friend
    by tomh on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 07:00:00 UTC
    Thanks for your praise of our product, it makes it worth our efforts to hear from people such as you. The reason we don't have a rechargeable system at this time is that rechargeable systems have a high self discharge rate which means that after a full charge, if left alone for a month would only have maybe 60-70% of the full power if never even turned on. Add to that the fact that rechargeable systems only offer about 58 to 70% of the capacity of cheap alkalines and it just doesn't make sense for the use that most people have. You proabably can run the unit for quite sometime off a 7805, it is about .5 volts above typical operating voltage and at full power don't expect 100,000 hours of life out of the LEDs but you should get thousands of service hours. Thanks again!

Why don't you use diodes
by jason9987 on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 12:00:07 UTC
The manual for the eternalight say putting the batteries in backwards can ruin your eternalight, you could put a diode in the light so that will not happen if u consider doing this please e-mail me. also you should sell spare screws and screwdrivers because the screws can get striped and so can the screwdriver(although unlikely becase you use high quality screw driver not cheap one, but it could also get lost)
Thank you

    Re: Why don't you use diodes
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 13:02:03 UTC
    There is a very good technical reason we do not put a diode in to protect from reverse polarity but that reason is a trade secret so I am not at liberty to explain it. But suffice to say it would diminish performance. Chances are that if the screwdriver is lost, so will the spare screws. And, so far, this has only been a problem to just a few people. We generally just send some upon request.

      Re: Why don't you use diodes
      by jason9987 on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 16:01:02 UTC
      thank you for telling me this becaue i was thinkin abut putting a diode in myself

Undocumented Functions
by jason9987 on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 06:00:07 UTC
Are there any undocumented functions on the Elite Xray
-Jason Toulan-

    Re: Undocumented Functions
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 06:02:01 UTC
    The primary "undocumented" feature is the momentary on of the night beacon. Please read theposts below about any others.

    Thank you.

      Re: Undocumented Functions
      by jason9987 on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 07:00:09 UTC
      Thank you i already knew about that i was hopeing ther were more

eternal light
by juliusuzu on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 03:01:05 UTC
i've had the eternal x-ray for a few months now and i have to say that i have grown to like this product a lot,i really love the beacon feature.i did make some suggestions back in feb about adding a light sensor.this alone would be a really useful feature to add.the point being that when the light is switched on and is left on through the night
if you forget to switch it off at dawn it will drain
the battery.led senors are fairly inexpensive and would not add to much to the cost of the product or what of a timer using a lcd which could show the condition of th battery and could be used to check other settings,the point being is that using the combination the power button and mode button to try and check for battery condition is a bit of a drag,and yes i know this was not a feature openly talked about but it's one that is useful to have.are there any new products for the future?

thanks julius

    Re: eternal light
    by tomh on Wed, Dec 5th, 2001 06:02:01 UTC

    Thank you for your input. As always, we listen to the desires and wishes of our customers and weigh them carefully. Your ideas are intriguing and a few of them have been on lists here since before you notified us. What we chose to build is not only a function of wishes but a pairing down of all desires to the most desired among our customers and what is practical for us to build with our resources within the desired price range that our customers are willing to pay. This all makes a pretty substantial filter by the time something goes into production. But, we are aware of your wishes and will do what we can when we can. Thanks!

eternaflame power status
by charles watts on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 12:02:00 UTC
Hi! I purchase an eternaflame from one of your dealer sources ... a model 3 Ergo ...

The light arrived yesterday ... and one of the first things I did was from the Timer Mode, mash on the rate button to check the POWER STATUS of the pre-installed batteries.

I was surprized to find that only 3 lamps lite, indicating the batteries were beginning to weaken.

And this was before I even used the darn thing!

I contacted the dealer was told the light was delivered out of fresh stock.

What if anything can I do? Don't want to return the light, because I really need an SOS lamp.

But by the same token, I need the batteries to last a good long while ... so HELP!

    Re: eternaflame power status
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 14:02:02 UTC

    If you examine our website and marketing literature, you will not see any marketing reference to the power status feature - we almost decided to not document it all. This was a feature that was added simply because there was code space left. However, we knew it would be somewhat finicky since it depends on one's precise ability to time and there is some variance from unit to unit. My advice would be to not read too much into the reading your getting. Chances are the batteries are indeed fresh. If you take readings multiple times you see a variance in your results. If this feature is really important to you then you may want to practice using it until you are consistent with the results you should have. The eternaLight will not leave you "high and dry". You will have many hours of notice of lower light output giving you ample time and opportunity to change batteries. Read the FAQ on our website here, there is an entry from a user on his precise way of using the battery status feature. Good luck!

Zzz...Lite Labels
by floydney on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 04:01:01 UTC
I purchased a Zzz...Lite a while back, and I really enjoy it. It's one of my favorite gizmos, and everyone who sees it just loves it. After extensive daily use, it had gotten a bit dirty with fingerprints and such, so I wanted to clean it up. My usual method for degrunging plastic surfaces is to spritz a little window cleaner onto a paper towel. When I wiped the Zzz...Lite with it, the black printing on the silver labels instantly began to disintegrate. It seemed the best solution then was to remove it all, leaving just the plain silver labels. Perhaps a plastic coating over the labels might improve resistance to household cleaners or detergents. Do you have replacement labels available for the Zzz...Lite and Zzz...Flame units? If so, some users may want to email you for a new set of labels. Thanks very much for this wonderful product (regardless of the blank labels, I still use it every night).

    Re: Zzz...Lite Labels
    by tomh on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 05:00:04 UTC
    Yes, we have a changed and improved Vinyl label. The Zzz...Light is still somewhat evolutionary being such a new product and concept. Email us your address (don't post it in here!) and we will email you one! Haha just kidding - we'll MAIL you one!

      Re: Zzz...Lite Labels
      by Floydney on Tue, Dec 4th, 2001 12:01:04 UTC
      Thanks very much! The new black and clear vinyl label looks very finished and professional. It makes the Zzz...Lite look crisp, sophisticated, and expensive! For users who need to replace one of the earlier foil/paper labels, let me suggest that the upper white bottle be removed from the base and lamp unit to protect the electronics, then use lighter fluid and paper towels to scrub off any of the foil/paper label residue that does not peel cleanly away. Then wash the bottle with mild dish detergent and dry it thoroughly before reassembling to base and attaching the new label.

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