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Mon, Oct 3rd, 2022
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El Cheapo Headlamp Conversion
by SteveDunn on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 11:00:03 UTC
I was just given a 3M Ergo Marine for a gift - and what I really need is a headlamp. I managed a reasonable coversion using "standard universal construction materials" - i.e. cable ties and duct tape - plus a bit of narrow diameter ELASTIC cord and a push button cord lock. It's not exactly elegant but it works and adds less than an ounce of weight.

I secured about 20 inches of elastic cord to the lamp using two cable ties through the lanyard hole. The key is that the cord runs horizontally across the back of the unit which allows the lamp to be secured by the cord FLAT on top of your head without any twist. The ends of the elastic cord are secured with the cord lock and then knotted. In addition to affix the cord along the entire back of the lamp, a piece of duct tape is used on each side of the lamp. This helps keep the lamp pointing forward instead of tending to swing from side to side.

To use this, the lamp is placed flat on the top of the head, and the cord placed under the chin and tightened The cords now running down the sides of the face are placed behind the ears and the cord tightened further to prevent the lamp from slipping down. You may be getting the idea that we aren't talking high fashion here ;-)

Note that it fits better if you wear the lamp with the controls facing DOWN. To make this work you have to install the cable ties so the "boxes" at the ends will face up when the lamp faces down.

The major disadvantage, other than being funny looking, is that you probably have to remove the cable ties to change the batteries -which further limits the ability to change the batteries in the field.


Overall, I'm really impressed with the brightness and flexiblity of the lamp. Like many others, I wish it would come on at the dimmest setting so as not to disturb other people and your dark adaptation - better to start dim and ramp it up to the lowest needed level.

The other disadvantage is that the batteries aren't field replaceable - which is to say you wouldn't want to even think about doing it in the wilderness without another light and the right tools.

I very much like the timer mode being first so that it can't drain the batteries much by accident.

    Re: El Cheapo Headlamp Conversion
    by tomh on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 15:00:09 UTC
    Steve, I'd like to see this. I think velcrow and a ballcap (light under the rim of the ball cap) has always made an easy and very suitable headlamp. Thanks for the input!

      Re: El Cheapo Headlamp Conversion
      by SteveDunn on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 16:00:08 UTC
      | Steve, I'd like to see this.

      I'd take a picture of my leetle kludge for you except I don't see that I can post pics here...

      I think velcrow and a ballcap (light under the rim of the ball cap) has always made an easy and very suitable headlamp. Thanks for the input!

      Well I do lots of cross country skiing and high altitude hiking/scrambling, often in conditions in which a base-ball cap just isn't acceptable headgear. I also have my doubts about how reliably the velcro would hold (Hint: "failure is not an option"!).

      My setup will fit over most hats one way or another, and I've gotten it to work with a hood by
      just wearing it on my head as usual and putting the hood over it.

      =Steve, The KludgeMeister=

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