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Wed, Dec 7th, 2022
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Elite-X-Ray: Ultimate Test
by chill105 on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 00:02:01 UTC
This summer, I went on a thirty day expedition in the four corners region. It involved three aspects: Canooing on the Green River in Utah, doing service in the Zuni Nation in New Mexico, and backpacking in the Weiminuche Wilderness Area in Colorado. My X-Ray was awesome! It stayed watertight on the river, impervious to scorching heat, sandstorms, and sunblock. Unaffected by very high-altitudes and freezing cold temperatures (literally freezing some nights) in the mountains, the batteries lasted the entire trip, without needing replacement. (Several people had to change their flashlight batteries twice or more). At night, I could easily see it blinking next to my sleeping bag (while other people were struggling to feel for theirs). Its brightness was unmatched by any other flashlight on the trip. Its dimming feature made it ideal for cooking, brushing teeth, and night-hiking (when full-brightness would cause you to completely lose your night vision). Its SOS feature would have been nice had I been separated from the group. Also, it made for a few fun nights of strobe-light dancing before sleeping under the stars! Overall, it was by far the coolest and most useful flashlight on the trip. It even gained it's own nickname- "The Light Brigade." (My tarp mates were frequently blinded at night while I was getting everything ready for bed).

I'm happy to say that my Elite-X-Ray passed its test with flying colors. However, I noticed something strange- Whenever the NightBeacon feature is enabled (whether in the "ON" or "BLINKING" mode), the eternalight becomes shock-sensitive. If you drop it or hit it, it will turn on to Timer Mode, and the NightBeacon setting will reset itself (meaning that when you turn it back off the NightBeacon will not be enabled). This shock-sensitivity does NOT occur when the NightBeacon feature is turned off. I have a feeling this was NOT a built-in feature of the flashlight. What causes it, and can it be fixed? Although it wasn't necessarily a problem, it caused me to have to reset my NightBeacon feature a few times.

Thanks for making such an awesome product!

    Re: Elite-X-Ray: Ultimate Test
    by tomh on Sun, Dec 9th, 2001 04:02:02 UTC
    We are always glad to hear of someones use and experieince with our products. Thank you for the time you took to share that with us. Regarding the NB/drop problem you spoke of. It is possible that you have a unit which is collectively on the edge of tolerance. There is a .03 variance in battery height from the battery manufacturers and a .04 variance in contact positioning from edge to edge. If you got on the outsides of both of those tolerances you may have a battery which is a bit loose. If you would like to send the unit back to us for us to have a look, you're certainly welcome too and we generally turn warranty repairs around in 1 to 3 days. Again, thanks!

    Re: Elite-X-Ray: Ultimate Test
    by shankus on Mon, Dec 2nd, 2002 16:01:03 UTC
    On my standard XRay, I was really happy with it except for one that. I had to pot the cells in with clear RTV. Each time it was bumped or dropped, one of the cells would lose contact in the light, and it would shut OFF. Then, I would have to go back and set up the "night beacon" feature again. If a cell lost contact, it kind of "rebooted" the light.
    So I coated the cells with a little bit of oil, so the RTV wouldn't stick to them, and put RTV around the springs and contacts. It never went off again from a bump or drop.
    RTV needs air to cure properly, so I left it closed for several hours, then opened it again after it had thickened up some, and let it sit overnight. The cells could now be replaced no problem, and no more annoying "rebooting". I didn't check to see if it would float after that, I live in the desert!

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