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Wed, Dec 7th, 2022
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New Ergo thoughts and ideas.
by Meerkat on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 08:00:04 UTC
I looked at the new model 4 EL's, and had two quibbles with them:

1. The LEDS are exposed. I would like to see the LEDs more recessed so that if one landed "nose down", there would be less risk of scratching the LEDs.

2. The magnet is a serious turn-off! I sort of realize the motivation, but it's not something I would toss into my laptop case, nor would I appreciate it in the vicinity of a magnetic compass! How about making it as a loose option in the box with a self stick (pull off the film) pad on the back of the magnet?


* EL 4 X-Ray Marine - front is the translucent blue and the back is the marine yellow color. Biased so that it will float front down thus making the yellow visible.

* EL 4 X-Ray Amber - amber LED under blue or amber LED under translucent amber color.

* GW option for the EL 4 X-Ray - or, even better, a Blue-Green/White option.

    Re: New Ergo thoughts and ideas.
    by tomh on Thu, Dec 6th, 2001 13:02:02 UTC
    Thank you much for your thoughts. The "exposed LED's is something people sometimes worry about. I can tell you after selling these things for four years that no one has broken a unit this way (at least and reported it to us). The LEDs are much tougher than people believe. Also, the curved face does a very good job of lowering the statistical possibility of a "direct hit". Odds wise, you probably stand a better chance of winning a lottery.

    The technology to mold two seperate colors like you suggest into one piece is very expensive. That's why you won't see much of it - look and try to find something actually made that way. It's easier to make multiple pieces and fasten them together at this time. This would require a whole new mold and would increase costs tremendously. Having to raise the price of our lights beyond what they are is something we not sure the market could bear.

    However, we do appreciate your input here and will consider the essence of your ideas. Thanks!

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